University of California Los Angeles Review (3)

University of California Los Angeles Review (3)

North America

University: University of California Los Angeles

City: Los Angeles

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: Other courses

My stay at UCLA this summer was consistently positive.
The experiences were so extensive that it is difficult to describe them in a few sentences. It already started with the approach to LA. LA is so big that you can’t even get a close look at the city even from an airplane. Compared to Muenster, one can confidently speak of a big city jungle. Accordingly, you also meet very exotic/interesting personalities when you mingle with the people in LA. What struck me personally is the openness with which Americans approach strangers. Even if this is characterized by a little superficiality, it is very pleasant for a period of 6 weeks if you can easily come into contact with people, be it at the university or in the bars or clubs in the evening.
As far as the university is concerned, I have seen little that is comparable in Germany in terms of the “equipment” of the university and the external impression one gets. UCLA is a campus university, which is characterized by the fact that all faculties are in close proximity to each other. The range of extracurricular activities is huge. Especially when it comes to sports activities, the university offers almost everything your heart desires (outdoor pool, gym, tennis courts, basketball courts, to name just a few)! Visit to get information about UAB study abroad program.

It is not only important to be able to be active in sports, it is also easy to see how important it is to the university that the students feel comfortable. The whole campus appears like a huge park area, since there are well-kept green areas everywhere where you can retreat to enjoy the California sun.
Regarding the courses I took, it can be said that the lecturers always seemed committed and it was very pleasant to work in small groups of a maximum of 25 students.
All in all, I can’t remember anything that would have struck me negatively.
As a conclusion I can only say that it was a stunning 6 weeks in which more happened than in any other 6 weeks of my life.

University of California Los Angeles Review (3)