University of California Los Angeles Review (26)

University of California Los Angeles Review (26)

North America

University: University of California Los Angeles

City: Los Angeles

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: social sciences

Study type: Summer Sessions

When I finally had my high school diploma in my pocket, I had to think about what I should do with my free time. After much deliberation, a friend of my older sister’s recommended the Summer Session at UCLA. I then did some research and the program they offered for the Summer Session students looked very tempting indeed. I didn’t hesitate and signed up.┬áVisit to get information about Vancouver Island University student review.

For the applications, however, you first had to prove your knowledge of English, since my English grades were only average, I had to take the so-called IELTS. I barely passed it with 0.5 points, so it was clear that I had to choose “English as a Second Language” as my second subject. In addition, I then chose social networking to just try it out.

The sign-up process itself was pretty easy, with a lot of organization and a constant flow of emails, which got really annoying after a while because you couldn’t do everything in one go. The “worst” thing was applying for the student visa, but then everyone has to go through that.

I was very happy that I had MicroEdu as a contact person and helper, it certainly took a lot of work off.

At some point everything was finally ready and the journey could begin.

I’m sorry to say that arriving at UCLA has proven to be quite stressful as the distances from one place to another are very, very long. I had rented an apartment where they were supposed to check in downstairs in the garage, however I was 5 minutes late for check in and was then sent to the main apartment rental office two doors down. All this was not so favorable for the first impression and I was not quite comfortable with everything.

Because the Summer Session students all arrived at different times, my roommates weren’t there yet and I was alone the first night until my roommate suddenly showed up in my room at 3 a.m. But we took it with humor and postponed getting to know each other until the next morning.

You are thrown in at the deep end with the organization on site, but somehow you found your way around and gradually got to know the campus and the individual buildings better. You could do a campus tour earlier in the week, as well as a bus tour of Los Angeles.

What I would have wished for, but which would certainly have been difficult, would be a kind of “get to know each other” with the summer session students, but since there were so many, everything was a bit anonymous and each nationality kept to itself.

I have to say that I really liked the openness of the students on campus, so I didn’t hesitate to ask people for directions or to make new friends.

I only had classes twice a week and the rest of the days were completely free. On the one hand, that was advantageous, but on the other hand, it was sometimes a bit boring. When the others still had courses, I mostly lay down in the campus pool.

My parents warned me at home about the unhealthy food in America and I traveled to America with the fear of coming home with 10 kilos more… On the contrary, the food in the canteen was surprisingly varied and varied ( I would always eat in the Covel building to eat out).

All in all, my English course was actually quite good, except that I only took the course with Asians, which became a bit exhausting after a while and I could hardly have any good conversations due to their rather limited knowledge of English. The social networking course was very interesting but also quite demanding because I also had to pass exams and many assignments.

What I can definitely recommend are weekend trips to San Francisco, San Diego or Hawaii. With the bus for about 7 hours, the ticket is quite affordable!

Santa Monica and Venice Beach are also great must-see spots, as well as the Getty Museum with stunning architecture. You can get to Santa Monica with the 720 for about $1.75 and get off right at the sea. Once you’re in Santa Monica, you can rent bikes down at Peer and ride along the beach all the way to Venice.

Another point that I didn’t really notice from home is to have enough money with me, Los Angeles is expensive!!! Especially if you live in an apartment (which I can definitely recommend, instead of a dorm), you are happy to pay $7 for toilet paper.

All in one it was a great time with many impressions and experiences!

If anyone has a question, feel free to contact me – you can get my email address from MicroEdu.

University of California Los Angeles Review (26)