University of California Los Angeles Review (25)

University of California Los Angeles Review (25)

North America

University: University of California Los Angeles

City: Los Angeles

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: organization and leadership

Study type: Summer Sessions

The semester is coming to an end, the last exams are imminent and slowly but surely the question arises: “How and above all where will I spend my summer?” With this question in mind, I started looking for attractive programs abroad. Of course, deciding which country to explore was pretty easy. The land of unlimited opportunities already offered me many valuable and unforgettable experiences in 2009, so that I wanted to go back there again in 2010. I already knew the east coast with its wonderful European-style cities, above all New York City and Washington, DC. Now it was time for the west coast. It should be Los Angeles, the center of the music and film industry. To be completely honest, there was no decision making. At no time did I think about my travel and study destination or develop doubts that could have led me to another city. The West Coast of the USA is inseparably defined by Los Angeles. It’s a city to live in, even for a short time. It was therefore crystal clear where to go. Let your feelings guide you when choosing a university. At this point it should be said that you can’t go wrong. In any case, a summer session is a great experience. Visit to get information about Griffith College Dublin student review.

I was therefore able to search specifically for universities in the city or in the immediate vicinity. Based on my experience, I knew exactly where to look and what options were open to me. MicroEdu, as an intermediary for many well-known universities in California, is the perfect partner and companion for such a project. My preparations, the internet research including discussions with family, friends and acquaintances began in January. All in all, I sent the application and application forms to MicroEdu GmbH at the beginning of March. At all times I was supported by phone, but mainly via e-mail, and accompanied me through the entire application process. In the service desert of Germany, such commitment is very rare, I am therefore extremely grateful for the good cooperation with the team. The paperwork was on its way and from that point there wasn’t much for me to do.

The next step required making an appointment with the embassy. As a Berliner, I’m blessed with a short commute, as the United States Embassy is practically around the corner. Prepare well. Check all documents before you go to an appointment. The DS2090 form, which was consolidated in 2010, and the visa fees, which must be paid to Roskos & Meier in advance, are very important. Fortunately, this year I had “only” not paid the Sevis fee and had an inadequate passport photo with me. After a long wait, a visit to the passport photo booth on the second level and an accommodating embassy official, I was able to successfully submit my visa application. After I had immediately paid the Sevis fee, I received my passport – “ready to take off” – in the beginning of July. That was the end of the preparations. The session could now begin.

On July 29th, a week before the official start of session C, my flight left for Los Angeles. With a stopover I faced an 18-hour flight. Here you can see that when choosing an airline, you would rather invest a few euros more and in return you can easily survive everything. Nothing is worse than spending 18 hours in a seat that is too narrow and uncomfortable. My recommendation is therefore AirFrance. I’ve also had good experiences with Delta. Arrived in Los Angeles. It was already 9pm and dark. Nevertheless, I was immediately fascinated by the silhouette of the city and the aura that this city exudes. Los Angeles is the place for anyone who loves the American lifestyle and wants to experience all its ups and downs. It’s a big mistake to rely on public transportation in Los Angeles. This city is geared solely for the use of private vehicles. The most impressive examples are 6 to 10 lane freeways. Find out about rental cars. My recommendation is Alamo in Inglewood. Don’t miss the introductory event. Many other Summer Session students will be there and you get a very good impression of what is going to happen over the next few weeks. Here comes the crux of the whole project, because to my horror I met more Germans than in my hometown Berlin and that 6000 miles away! Of course, at first I was relieved to meet people of the same origin and language who had just as little idea of ​​what was to come as I did. However, this relief didn’t even last the first 2 weeks. The UCLA Summer Session is almost overcrowded with Germans and Austrians. You only speak permanent English during the courses and even then you can hear the Germans murmuring from every corner. I’m very accent and culture conscious, so I didn’t like the behavior of some compatriots who, with very poor English and a dose of ignorance, focused on women and parties. Such students only see the notorious house parties from the outside. As usual, if you can not even speak two sentences. That’s why I would like to recommend everyone to devote themselves to English and leave their fatherland behind. Furthermore, only students who could achieve at least 79 points in a TOEFL or comparable performance test should participate. This is the internationally recognized brand for many coveted degree programs. Anything else is a waste of money. In addition, you become the laughing stock of the session. Language is the connection to society and the starting point of everyday life. Don’t get me wrong, you can get through a session completely ignoring my well-intentioned advice, but that doesn’t have much to do with gaining experience, insights into another culture and development.

The equipment of all university buildings and facilities is indescribable. Everything is state of the art. Many events also use the new media or sometimes only take place via the projector. Nevertheless, as with us, there are standard rooms designed for 100 students. At the beginning of the course, however, you find yourself between 150 students, some of whom are following the course in the corridor. Nevertheless, a comparison to German study conditions is very far away. The cost and structure of the teaching materials are completely different. If you get all the recommended books and scripts (“reader” there) for a regular business course, you can quickly make a three-digit dollar amount. With a little effort you can find, at least the textbooks, cheaper. The materials in some courses are purely ornamental and whether they are used in Germany is just as questionable. However, the real “stars” of the session are the professors of the courses. All my professors had that certain something. Everyone exuded euphoria in their respective field, which captivated every listener. I really felt like studying, even though the sun was shining and the beach was tempting to play volleyball.

Finally, I would recommend everyone to come to UCLA. Whether for a summer session, a semester or longer. I wouldn’t want to miss the experience for anything in the world.

University of California Los Angeles Review (25)