University of California Los Angeles Review (24)

University of California Los Angeles Review (24)

North America

University: University of California Los Angeles

City: Los Angeles

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: journalism

Study type: semester abroad


I lived in Sproul Hall, the only option for minors. The 3-person room was about 3 by 4.5 m in size and equipped with 3 desks, several cupboards (no hangers available), LAN cable etc. The beds were ok despite the lack of slatted frames, even though I woke up with shoulder pain a few times. On each floor, which is divided into a north and south part by a lounge, there are washrooms with showers and a laundry where you can wash and dry (be careful, clothes shrink) for a dollar each. It should also be noted that everyone under the age of 18 is accommodated on one floor, some may find that a good thing, I found it rather impractical because I preferred to do something with older students and only a small proportion of people of this age are very motivated were. Visit to get information about University of California Davis student review.

There is a large dining hall nearby, where you can eat at the following times: 7-10, 11-16, 17-21. However, you cannot eat twice in one of the three sections, so if you sleep in, you cannot have breakfast at 12 and have lunch again at 3 p.m. That was a bit annoying, because you always used fewer meal plans than you paid for. The whole day there was: juices from the machine, various soft drinks, coffee, milk, cereals, cake-like things. For breakfast there are: pancakes, bacon, potatoes, etc. For lunch and dinner the main meals were various burgers (they were just delicious, I’ve almost never eaten burgers before and there on average 2 a day!), pizza, pasta, giant salad buffet (also delicious), which was also essential if you wanted a change from fast food. Overall, it was very good, the quality was really high, the only drawbacks: relatively unhealthy and hardly any fruit. There are several cafés on campus where you can get smoothies and snacks.


I had taken the ECON 106F Finance and Mgmt 88 Special Topics of Management course. About the management course: Excellent professor (Dr. John Ullmen), but the course was not very demanding. The finance course was a bit more demanding, comparable in level to German universities, and was graded accordingly. There were 2 exams and 3 homework. Two grade schemes (different weighting of the 5 components) were advantageous, of which the better one was decisive. Nevertheless, if you really want to be challenged, which was the case with me, you should choose a course from the upper rows based on the course number. Unfortunately, I only found out there after three weeks that the course number indicates the level. After four weeks, a fellow student described to me exactly the course that I would have liked to have chosen.

Getting there

There are shuttle buses right at the airport that will take you to UCLA in 60 to 100 minutes for $15. A taxi is a bit faster and costs around $50. For the way back you can order a shuttle online for the same price, which also comes on time and is faster than on the way there.

Purchasing power/prices

There is hardly anything more expensive than in Germany. In addition to the classics such as petrol, electronics and branded clothing, many everyday items are also significantly cheaper. For example, a bus ride costs between $0.25 and $1.25, a Big Mac-equivalent burger $2, a 500g tub of Hägen-Dazs ice cream (mmmh…) $5 (ours is €6), a Starbucks coffee in the largest size and Amenities $4.8 and much more

Good place to work on campus

I often had the problem that I didn’t have a good place to work even though I was at university. The room was too warm and uncomfortable, too noisy in the lounge (especially on the U18 floor), distracting outside with no desk etc. At least during the day, the problem was solved when I went to the library of the Anderson School of Management became aware. This is air-conditioned, fully equipped with $700 swivel chairs, LAN, WLAN, electricity access is available and it’s nice too. Since this bib is accessible to every UCLA, I strongly recommend it. Unfortunately, it’s only open until 7 p.m. because the learning conditions were the best I’ve ever experienced.

University of California Los Angeles Review (24)