University of California Los Angeles Review (21)

University of California Los Angeles Review (21)

North America

University: University of California Los Angeles

City: Los Angeles

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: media production

Study type: Summer Sessions

The 2007 Summer Session at UCLA began on August 6th and ended on September 14th.
My major at this school was Film, Theater and Digital Media.
We had classes in Melnitz Hall and the class consisted of about 30 students.
We had the task of shooting within 2 weeks à la 2 days of shooting and we had to edit the remaining four weeks. From the 3rd week to the 6th week we showed our cuts. With comments from the teacher and her assistant, the cuts changed from week to week. On September 13th, the presentation took place in a large cinema.
Each of us showed a maximum of 3 minutes long film. And on the very last day, September 14th, we received our grades by email.

It was shot on the Sony or on the. We still had a tripod available as equipment. I made a film about a sweet memory with appropriate music. So it looks a little like a video clip. My film is called “PARLAK”, is Turkish and means something like shiny. Visit to get information about Boston University student review 2.

I really enjoyed my time at UCLA. We had lessons twice a week for 3 hours each (1: 00 p.m. – 4: 00 p.m.). In the film class, everyone shot their own film, possibly did the camerawork, edited it. There was no such thing as a mask, costume or actor. The actors were all acquaintances or friends of the students.

That was very exciting. Of course we helped each other too. For example, I was allowed to do the camera for three projects. It was especially good for me to cut. We all edited on FinalCut Pro. If you had a computer, you had to buy an external hard drive yourself and then you could edit in peace in your room. There was also the possibility to edit in one of the editing rooms of the film school. Then we did color correction, effects and the credits ourselves.

UCLA was a very valuable experience for me. As a production student you have different tasks, you will not be able to direct or edit yourself. Also, the people at the school are so diverse and most are not American but come from all over the world. This gives you an insight into how these students are taught filmmaking in their countries. Which movie tastes (genre and camera work), for example, Japanese or Croatians prefer. Asian films have their own rhythm in film than Europeans or Americans

. Anyway, I’m very happy that I had the chance to have such an important and valuable experience. Without you this would never have been possible for me.

University of California Los Angeles Review (21)