University of California Los Angeles Review (20)

University of California Los Angeles Review (20)

North America

University: University of California Los Angeles

City: Los Angeles

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: organization and leadership

Study type: Summer Sessions

At the beginning of March we decided to attend a summer school. There are some very exciting reports at our university about the University of California, Los Angeles. So we decided to spend our stay abroad there as well. We then contacted some of the authors of the reports. Visit to get information about University of California Irvine student review.

Unfortunately only one reported. He gave us the tip to book our summer session through MicroEdu. We checked out the home page and got more valuable information about UCLA. So we quickly got in touch with MicroEdu. In hindsight, it was a very good decision, because no matter what problem or question we had, we always got a solution/advice quickly. We are very positively surprised that MicroEdu continues to help us with all questions, concerns and problems now that the summer session has ended.

We flew from Munich on August 1st and had a stopover in Düsseldorf. From there we flew directly to Los Angeles. We had already met colleagues on the plane who were also attending the summer session at UCLA.
We made an appointment to go to the opening event together. There we received important information regarding registration, how to behave on campus, etc. A tour of the campus
was also offered, which we took advantage of right away. A student showed us all the important buildings and places. So it was very easy for us to find our way around on the first day of the unit.

We attended two management courses, MGMT 88 and MGMT 180, taught by John Ulmen. The courses were very interactive. We mostly worked in groups on practical tasks, which we then presented to the group. MGMT 88 aimed at conflict management in groups and dealing with business contacts. The second course, MGMT 180, was also very practical. Here we learned, among other things, how to get a say in the company even though you don’t have a managerial position. Both courses were really very interesting. Apart from that, John Ulmen is a very likeable and good professor.
In addition to the two courses, we had plenty of time to visit California. By the second weekend we had already made some acquaintances and decided to rent a car together and spend the weekend in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is very impressive, especially at night;). What we ladies also really liked was that there are two outlets on the way to Las Vegas and another one in Las Vegas;) – so plan time for shopping;)

But Los Angeles is also a shopping city. There are many great shopping centers (e.g. Beverly Center, Westfield Center, The Grove at Farmers Market, Westside Pavillion)
In addition to shopping, Los Angeles has fantastic beaches to offer, such as Malibu, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and and and. However, you have to allow a lot of time to get there. Los Angeles is very huge and doesn’t have a good public transportation system. So it’s worth considering, especially if you’re in a small group, hiring a car every now and then to make it easier to get to more distant places.

We also made a trip to San Diego, which is also highly recommended. A very manageable (in contrast to LA) and nice city. We spent two days there, which was enough to see the main places and get an idea.

My classmate and I went to San Francisco after our time at UCLA. We absolutely loved this city. Everyone else who was in San Francisco absolutely raved about it too. Therefore, we would recommend everyone to definitely plan three to four days to go to San Francicso.
Finally, we would like to say in general that this experience abroad will be unforgettable for us. It was a summer full of adventures. We have seen so much, gained so much experience that no one can take away from us. In addition, we met really nice people with whom we had a lot of fun. We will also meet some of them again after our summer session in Europe and we are convinced that we will always talk about our time together at UCLA with joy and revel in the memories.

University of California Los Angeles Review (20)