University of California Los Angeles Review (17)

University of California Los Angeles Review (17)

North America

University: University of California Los Angeles

City: Los Angeles

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: communication sciences

Study type: Summer Sessions

The application

Originally, I actually wanted to do a complete semester abroad in the USA, but since the time didn’t suit me and I really wanted to go abroad during my BA, I decided to do the summer session. That was an incredibly good decision. MicroEdu was by my side right from the start and really answered all of my questions down to the last detail. Thank you for this! So you don’t need to worry about difficult English applications, the requirements are not particularly high, you don’t even need a TOEFL. After a short time I already had my Welcome Package in hand. However, you should keep in mind the additional costs for the visa and the visit to the American embassy, ​​which will be added. You should also book the flight as early as possible. Visit to get information about Riga Stradins University student review.


I opted for accommodation in the Rieber Hall, which was ok in my case. However, I would recommend a 2-bed (and not a 3-bed) room, because the rooms are mini. My roommate was American, but this is an absolute exception, because during the summer session there are 99% foreign students in the dormitories. By far the largest part comes from Asia, mostly from China. German students were also represented in large numbers. During my time all the baths were closed to be repaired. In addition, there was a permanent construction site right in front of my room, which made it almost impossible to sleep late, at least with the window open. The showers in the bathrooms were only really clean after the coup had just passed, otherwise you can put up with a lot of black hair and, above all, a lot of women’s hygiene articles in the toilets. But if you’re not overly sensitive, you can definitely endure it. It’s just like in a big flat share. I would recommend the accommodation for 6 weeks, but definitely not for longer (e.g. both sessions). Since the apartments or the Saxon Suites are better.

The food

If you take the meal plan, you can get by with 11 meals. Especially if you go away for the weekend. I had 15 and many have expired. The food was very good against all expectations and there was something for everyone. Salad, sushi, pizza, pasta, burgers, pancakes, muesli, meat, fish, dessert…really good!


I had Multicultural TV and Social Networking, both in Communication Studies. Both courses were taught by the same lecturer and were very interesting. However, these were also courses with a lot of work. Yes, also the social networking course;o), especially that one. 2 exams, lots of texts, final project, 1st and 2nd assignment…so don’t underestimate it. Learning a little and writing small homework is definitely part of it. If you just want a good grade, you should take the English courses for foreigners such as Public Speaking. On the other hand, there were a lot of Americans in my courses.


The university in general is a dream. Great campus, great location, great offers. In 15 minutes you can walk to Westwood, the small town right next to the university. There are also a few shops, a great cinema and above all a large supermarket. While alcohol isn’t allowed on campus, it wasn’t generally a problem at the Saxon Suites and even at Rieber Hall as long as it wasn’t overdone or made too obvious.
The university also has its own pool, right behind the Residence Halls, which was really great.

General Tips

Rent a car through Zipcar (you have to do this from Germany), or generally have a car available. Only go there when you’re 21, otherwise it’s really only half as good. Because the IDs are really checked everywhere and you are not even allowed to go to a bar in the evening to drink a coke. Living on campus to get to know a lot of people, especially in the “Mensa”. Take weekend trips to Las Vegas, San Francisco and San Diego. And the usual, Beaches, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Mullholand Drive and co….And above all, check out the unbelievably good nightlife in LA!!! Worth it!

All in all, I can only recommend the Summer Sessions at UCLA to everyone. I met great people, the weather was just fantastic for 6 weeks and the time was a personal and academic enrichment!!

University of California Los Angeles Review (17)