University of California Los Angeles Review (16)

University of California Los Angeles Review (16)

North America

University: University of California Los Angeles

City: Los Angeles

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Business Administration, Economics

Study type: Summer Sessions

Together with 3 friends from Germany I took part in Summer Session A at UCLA in Los Angeles. The summer session itself didn’t start until mid-June, but we flew to the US in early June and treated ourselves to a bit of New York and Miami beforehand (which was highly recommended, New York in particular is a great city!). Since the field report is supposed to be about Los Angeles and UCLA, let’s just start after we landed in Los Angeles. We had previously hired a car online through Auto Europe for the entire period, which proved very helpful as Los Angeles is a relatively large/spread city. The public transport system is also pretty poor and since rental cars are relatively cheap, this is a good alternative. Visit to get information about University of California San Diego student review.

Our accommodation was great too. We stayed in an off-campus apartment (Glenrock) which turned out to be a wise choice as our apartments were quite large and they didn’t have an in-house ‘babysitter’. Our apartment was therefore immediately converted into a party location…you can also go shopping at “Ralphs” and apply for the bonus card directly.

But let’s go to the university, after all, that’s the only reason we went to the USA *G*. We had the “Environmental Economics” course with AE Bresnock and the “Leadership and Practice” course with Prof. Ulmen. The Economics course with Mrs. Bresnock was significantly more complex than the second course. There were 4 homework assignments that were also included in the final grade with 33%, plus 2 exams. The exams and homework weren’t that easy, but with some work you could get good grades. However, the course is not one where you can just get an “A” without effort, says Mrs. Bresnock herself. Even for a “pass” you need 73% of the points. The material itself is explained quite well and deepened through the homework, Unfortunately, the lecture is pretty dry and can therefore fall victim to a trip to the beach or a well-earned lie-in. : )

The second course by Prof. Ulmen, on the other hand, was very relaxed. Most of the time you do presentations or group assignments. So if you want to enjoy the university in a more relaxed way, you will definitely not make the wrong choice with this course!

In addition to the university, of course, fun should not be neglected. You can celebrate well, for example, in the college bar “O’Hara’s”, which is located directly in Westwood. Especially on Tuesdays all hell breaks loose and you should be there by 9 a.m. at the latest so that you don’t have to stand in line (which can take 1-2 hours). But there is really a good party there every Tuesday, which is also financially reasonable thanks to the price of 2 dollars for a pint of beer. If you want to go out a bit longer on the weekend (normal bars and clubs ALWAYS close at 2am) you should check out Hollywood, which is only a 20 minute drive from Westwood and has some pretty good clubs. Important, IDs are ALWAYS checked, so under 21 you can’t get in. Otherwise, don’t go too late
During the day you can bear it quite well on the numerous beaches of LA. Santa Monica and Venice Beach are probably the closest alternatives, although I would definitely prefer Venice Beach. If you want to drive something further, Malibu Beach is also recommended, you definitely have to have been there. Otherwise, of course, there is also the must-do trip to Las Vegas.J We were there from Thursday to Sunday, which was pretty good because that’s when all the clubs are open..JWe stayed at the Tropicana, it was cheap and had a great pool party But you can find hundreds of tips for Vegas on the Internet. You should also see San Francisco.
In summary, the trip was just great fun, especially because the dollar exchange rate was very advantageous for us and we therefore looked a little less at the money when shopping and partying. But otherwise it was just a great time. You shouldn’t take more than 2 courses and instead enjoy your time at UCLA. It’s just a great American university with a huge, beautiful campus and lots of sports facilities. I would make the same decision today and go back to UCLA!

University of California Los Angeles Review (16)