University of California Irvine Review (4)

University of California Irvine Review (4)

North America

University: University of California Irvine

City: Irvine

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Sociology, criminology, law

Study type: Summer Sessions

Application process

I studied at UC Irvine for six weeks as part of a summer session. In order to be able to study there, I first had to apply. The application process was completely unproblematic. I was always able to put questions about the application to MicroEdu, who always tried to find an answer as quickly as possible. Once I received confirmation that I would be allowed to study at UC Irvine, I took care of my student visa. You should plan some time for this, since you usually do not get an appointment at the US Embassy immediately. When this was done, it was actually already off to California. Visit to get information about Hawaii Pacific University student review 2.


At UC Irvine, I was housed in the Arryoa Vista complex; it was a kind of student housing estate. In the houses there were mostly double rooms, which were equipped with desks, beds and wardrobes. There was a shared kitchen for the whole house, as well as a shared living area. Every day a cleaner was out and about in the house. For each house there was a caretaker who could be contacted with questions about housing, shopping, leisure activities, etc. Near the Arroya Vista complex was a fitness complex (including pool) a 3 minute walk away. Participants in a summer session can use it free of charge.


During my time at UC Irvine, I also took advantage of the various dining options on campus. The canteens offer a wide selection, but the other shops on campus also have good food. My lectures took place in buildings that were about a 20-minute walk from Arroya Vista.

Courses taken

During the Summer Session I attended two courses : Sociology of Law and Urban Gangs. Both courses were very interesting and thematically oriented more to reality and practice than to theory, even if these were of course also taught. A big difference to my studies in Germany was that you had to do your homework and there were intermediate exams. Since the final grade was made up of different components, it was sometimes easier to pass the courses well. The professors and teaching assistants always tried to answer all my questions and to help me.

Leisure and excursion possibilities

The Summer Session Office was also always available for questions, not only about student activities but also about extra-student activities such as excursions. During the summer session, I went on a few trips with a few friends – some of these were organized by the Activities Center, Housing, or the Summer Session Office at UC Irvine, but we also organized some trips ourselves. The university repeatedly offered trips to Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, but larger trips to LA, San Francisco and Co. were also organized. In San Francisco in particular, I was glad that the university had planned everything, because you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see so much in so few days on your own. In addition, these trips were always a good opportunity to get to know the other international students better. For example, bonfires were organized, where you could try typical American campfire sweets. In addition, fun games were always organized. By the way, you could always take part in sporting events, such as dodgeball, tennis or basketball. You could also watch the LA RAMS football team practice and try out because they had their training camp in Irvine. However, there were also many offers that had nothing to do with sport. For example, there was an art workshop, application training and there were rush tickets for students to a Shakespeare play at UC Irvine, which was really well done.

Road trips & conclusion

Privately I went to San Diego, to Yosemite and Sequioa National Park, to some smaller national parks and to various other beaches. Incidentally, it is no problem at all to take a rental car with a German driver’s license. You just have to pay attention to the young driver fees. In Yosemite it is definitely worth climbing Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls, the view is incredible! Furthermore, it was always wonderful to experience sunrise or sunset on the beach. If you want to see surfers, you should go to the beach early in the morning; Huntington Beach in particular is known for its surfers. Limestone National Park was near Irvine, in which you could find a small canyon with red rocks – a great sight! We also went on a private trip to Hollywood. A hike to the Hollywood sign offers a magnificent view of LA; However, a visit to the Griffith Observatory is definitely recommended, as you have a view of LA on one side and the Hollywood sign on the other. I can only advise on all the trips I have taken. I can also recommend UC Irvine with a clear conscience, as I have only ever met friendly, competent people !

University of California Irvine Review (4)