University of California Berkeley Review (41)

University of California Berkeley Review (41)

North America

University: University of California Berkeley

City: Berkeley

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: International Relations

Study type: Summer Sessions

Description of the plan:

MicroEdu offered me help with the planning. This service was free for me because this agency is funded by various universities. The University of California at Berkeley is the contracting party and all information exchange is through this agency. So MicroEdu always wrote to me if I should send them something. They then forwarded it. So I could always be sure that I hadn’t forgotten anything.┬áVisit to get information about University of Wisconsin Madison.

They also gave me more information about housing, health insurance, visas and course selection. They also clarified any questions I had. In my opinion, this agency is therefore highly recommended.

For accommodation there were the alternatives of the student residence, the International House and a hostel.
For cost reasons, I opted for the student residence. It is not difficult to get a room here during the summer session. It was also clean and the food tasted good.

I chose Mawista for my international health insurance. Here the month costs only 37 euros and is therefore significantly cheaper than the insurance of the university. Every student also almost always gets free treatment and counseling at the Student Health Center.

I applied for a visa in Frankfurt. You can get a lot of information about this directly from the homepage of the American consulate.

During the summer 5 different sessions are offered and a total of over 600 courses. Everyone can find something for their taste here. The courses are selected via the Internet. MicroEdu also offers instructions for this.

I found the cheapest flight with Lufthansa and the time difference is nine hours. My destination airport was Oakland. This is even closer to Berkeley than San Francisco Airport.

The courses at UC Berkeley are taught by highly qualified faculty and you could feel it. The subject matter was of a high standard, but was conveyed very well. As a German, your level of English is above average. I chose the course: “Conflict Resolution Training Intensive”. Instructor Beth Roy did a really good job.
In addition, the classes in the summer sessions are quite small, so that you always had good access to the professor. All questions could always be answered immediately. I felt very well looked after at all times.

Only the service of the International Office disappointed me a little in the summer session area. I have always received all the information, but always only on request. For example, there was no introductory event or organized excursions. So you had to take care of yourself, for example, how to get internet access. Overall, however, this was quite doable.

I found it positive that as a student you received a pass for the bus, so that you could always travel through Berkeley and to San Francisco for free.
The equipment at UC Berkeley is really very good. The rooms are air-conditioned and technically state-of-the-art. There is also a very good library with many computers and several cafes and places to eat in the immediate vicinity of the campus. All other shops for daily needs are also within walking distance. The campus itself is laid out as a park and the old buildings make it look very attractive.

There isn’t much to do in Berkeley itself. Here I can only recommend the parks. However, this is not a problem because San Francisco with its sights and leisure activities can be reached in just 25 minutes by public transport. For example, I’ve taken trips to the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Fisherman’s Village. I also took a ride on the traditional tram and a trip to the wine region.

In addition, as a student, you could go to the gym for free for the whole session for a registration fee of 10 euros.

It should be noted that the weather in the San Francisco Bay Area is cool year-round. I didn’t expect to wear a sweater every day there in the summer.

Situation after return:

UC Berkeley sent my grades in a timely manner and they were recognized by my university. My English has improved and I have been able to gain a lot of new and nice experiences.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who chooses UC Berkeley a pleasant stay. In any case, I would take advantage of the competent and friendly help of MicroEdu!

University of California Berkeley Review (41)