University of California Berkeley Review (24)

University of California Berkeley Review (24)

North America

University: University of California Berkeley

City: Berkeley

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: Summer Sessions


I have an undergrad from UC Berkeley. Attended course “Macroeconomics” in session C. There was really great support from MicroEdu in preparation! In principle, it is advisable to attend either one or two courses, depending on previous knowledge and individual leisure time ideas during the summer session. (In most courses there are several readings and homework per week – these can often be very time-consuming)
If you always work, write your homework and study for the exams, nothing should stand in the way of a good grade. =)
Almost all the professors here are very committed and helpful. In my course, we also had two GSI’s (tutors/assistants) who each covered the content of the course for four hours a week. (Attendance was not mandatory but highly recommended) In general, I would advise going to the various office hours of the professor and/or GSI’s. Here you can really ask specific questions and have the incomprehensible explained to you. Visit to get information about Semester Abroad In University of California San Diego.

I was looking for private accommodation in Berkeley (Southside – end of Telegraph Av.). Advantage: Much cheaper and cleaner than the dorms; Disadvantage: Quite far from campus and if you want to cook yourself, you should be aware that food is very expensive in the USA. If you are looking for private accommodation, it should be quite close to the campus, as public transport is not the best. (You can get almost anywhere with it, but the intervals are sometimes very long and often irregular, so it’s better to walk and not be dependent on public transport)
If I go back to Berkeley I would look for a place to stay near Shattuck. It’s just a nicer neighborhood than the Telegraph at the end. Tip: Some frats & sororities also let vacant rooms in summer. Just go to the websites of the connections or write to them.


In principle, many day trips are possible. Eg: Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz ….
Don’t expect nightlife in Berkeley, please switch to San Francisco! In Berkeley, the two “clubs”/pubs – Kips and Pappy’s – close at two in the morning. If you miss the last BART ( = train) from San Francisco – don’t panic, just take an “UBER”. (if you don’t know it, google it and download the app – the best invention ever!)
The gym membership costs $10, also includes entry to the Strawberry Field Pool and is highly recommended. In addition, the REC Center also offers various other courses (e.g. swimming, etc.) that you can pay for and book separately.
Along Telegraph Av. and the Shattuck there are many little places to try. The best or rather a very good burger can be found at Bongo Burgers. There a burger menu is also relatively cheap compared to restaurants in SF.


So dear shopping friends, as far as shopping is concerned, Berkeley is unfortunately completely forgettable (except for the one Urban Outfitters). Only the Cal-Stores are of course unavoidable. So switch to San Francisco for shopping. There’s Powell Street with its numerous shops, the Westfield Shopping Mall (also BART station “Powell”), and shopping temples such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales & Co. At Macy’s, don’t forget the obligatory visit to the “Cheescake factory” on the top floor of the building. Since there can usually be longer waiting times (approx. 1.5 hours at peak times) – first drive up to the restaurant, get Pieper and then go shopping in Macy’s until it flashes and a table is free. (if it’s warm – take a table on the terrace!)
In terms of outlet malls, the Livermore Outlet and the Big Mall of the Bay Area are worth a visit.

General other tips:

With regard to value cards, it should be said that the network coverage in the USA (especially in rural areas – eg national parks) is sometimes not sufficient. AT&T and Lycra still work best. Stay away from cricket. If you want to have internet on your cell phone, please don’t forget to have it unlocked by your operator in your home country before you leave!


I can only recommend everyone to do a summer session or a semester abroad in Berkeley! The university and its professors are great, the location is ideal for excursions and the people of San Francisco and the Bay Area are open, outgoing and easy-going.

Go to Berkeley! Go Bears!

University of California Berkeley Review (24)