University of Bristol Review (1)

University of Bristol Review (1)


Application process

With the preparations for my semester abroad I have previously started about eight months. When choosing, I received very competent and helpful advice from MicroEDU and my many questions were answered quickly. Since I knew that I should go to England, I was able to make a decision relatively quickly. Spending my semester abroad in Bristol was definitely a very, very good decision!
After submitting my documents, MicroEDU took care of everything else and the application process went smoothly. Visit to get information about study in Russia.

Studies & courses

In Bristol I took courses at the School of Economics, Finance and Management. Before arrival, you should choose seven courses, three of which are actually taken. After my arrival I had to commit myself. However, a change of course could take place within two weeks of the course being set. In my case, switching to another course worked without any further problems. Compared to my studies in Germany, the so-called contact hours are significantly lower, but the independent part of the study is larger, for which enough time should be allowed for. The Contact Hours are divided into lectures, i. e. lectures in the lecture hall, and tutorials in which specific topics are discussed and presented in small groups. I liked this concept very much because it allowed me to organize my time more freely for trips and trips. However, the subject of study should be taken into account here, as, to my knowledge, scientific subjects have a larger proportion of contact hours.

Below is a brief description of my courses for better orientation:

  • People, Work and Organization: work organization, labor markets and economic life
    • recommended, newly offered course (2nd year course)
    • The course consisted of about 35 students during the lectures, about half of us were in the associated tutorials.
  • Behavioral Economics: Behavioral Economics
    • challenging, but very interesting and therefore recommended (3rd year course)
    • The course consisted of around 120 students during the lecture and around 15 in the tutorial.
  • Environmental Economics: Sustainable development, pollution, climate change, exploitation of raw materials and their effects on the economy
    • similarly demanding as the previous course (3rd year course), but very interesting! Could take a lot with me, so highly recommended.
    • The course consisted of around 60 students during the lectures and around 15 in the tutorial.

On-site support / accommodation search

The Study Abroad Team could already be contacted during the application process if you had any questions. On the first official day we were warmly welcomed by the team and provided with all the important information. Otherwise, the Study Abroad Team was available for all questions and concerns. Even before I arrived, they helped me find a dormitory.

I then went to the Goldney Hall dormitory. Since I studied as a Study Abroad student, unlike Erasmus students, I was entitled to a place in the dormitory.

I lived with four other students in a flat in the dormitory. Everyone had their own room with a sink. We shared the kitchen and two bathrooms. I was totally satisfied with my accommodation, as this student residence also has a park-like garden and the location (15 minutes on foot to the university, similar duration to the center) was great. Goldney Hall is a really good dorm. Depending on your taste, lifestyle and budget, you will definitely find the right dormitory or accommodation in Bristol.

Leisure and excursion possibilities

At the University of Bristol there is a society that you can join for (almost) everything. At the beginning of the semester, all societies were presented at a trade fair. There is also a university gym and several (free) sports courses are offered in the dormitories every day. In addition, many events were organized by ESN Team Bristol, such as excursions, walking tours, picnics, language tandems, karaoke evenings and parties. At these events, you quickly came into contact with other internationals.

Further leisure and excursion possibilities in and around Bristol (absolutely recommended!) Are:

  • Bristol Harborside
  • SS Great Britain
  • Clifton Suspension Bridge
  • Observatory Cave
  • Cabot Tower & Brandon Hill
  • Park Street
  • Eat a pitta
  • College Green
  • Christmas steps
  • Abbey Court
  • Cheddar Gorge
  • Museums (mostly free in UK)
  • In addition, the cities of Bath (10 minutes), Cardiff (approx. 1 hour) and of course London (approx. 2 hours) are always worth a visit in the immediate vicinity.

General do’s & don’ts


  • Tea time
  • Sunday Roast
  • Pub quiz
  • Follow in Banksy’s footsteps in Bristol
  • Use Thank you and Sorry (often)
  • Be open to new activities, people and cultures
  • Pay attention to the traffic

University of Bristol Review (1)