Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Review (9)

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Review (9)


After graduating from high school, I decided to take a year off to get enough information about the various options that are available to me as a course of study. Since I love to travel and learn a lot about other cultures, I started looking for appropriate courses abroad on the Internet. I came across MicroEDU GmbH straight away. I immediately noticed the plentiful selection of study programs abroad. I decided to call them for more information. I was immediately welcomed in a friendly manner without waiting. After I had expressed my requirements, the nice lady on the phone immediately suggested a program that I was immediately enthusiastic about: International Bachelor in Management & Marketing (BME). The program offers the opportunity to study in three locations. I was thrilled and decided to apply for the program. After filling out several forms and submitting my certificate (English translation), I also had to take the TOEFL test, as the entire course is in English.

After submitting all of my papers, I received feedback very quickly and it was positive, I was accepted! Full of anticipation, I couldn’t wait for the big adventure to finally start. Visit mcat-test-centers.com to get information about Poland higher education.

About MicroEDU GmbH I can only say: “Hats off!”. I am absolutely thrilled with the reliability and efforts of the staff. You definitely feel that you are in good hands. If you have any concerns or problems, you can always contact the agency and they will try to help you immediately.

For my first stay, I chose Barcelona because I had been in the city for two months before that. Two months before the start of my studies, I received my schedule, which of course doubled the anticipation. I was also sent informational material about the city and the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

I booked my flight to Barcelona a month before the start of university because I wanted to start looking for an apartment locally and of course I wanted to enjoy a little vacation with my parents.

After successfully looking for an apartment with a friend who works in Barcelona, ​​the university started on September 8th, 2014. That was the day of the “Introduction” in the Sant Pau campus of the UAB.

At first we were a huge group because you have classes with the students who are doing a semester abroad. After the end, the BME students were asked to stay in the room. We were introduced to our two liaison teachers, which made me and other students very happy because you immediately feel more secure. You know that if you have problems you can go to one of the trust teachers. The first contacts were made during the introduction and so we as a group went to have a drink near the campus afterwards. And on the same evening they agreed to experience the nightlife in Barcelona together over the weekend. You can quickly find friends from all over the world and at the same time learns a lot about other cultures and experiences.

And the first day of school was just around the corner. Because you have already made some contacts, you have found them in one or the other subject. My first turn was International Economics, followed by Spanish and International Business. The next day managerial skills for international marketing and e-commerce. My schedule is divided over the day, which I find very positive because I have enough time in between to drive home, cook lunch, go shopping, study or do homework. I really like all of my courses, you get along well and the professors are very eager, cooperative and supportive. I’m just after the mid-term exams and I have to say that if you prepare well for them, the exams are definitely feasible. All in all, I am very happy with the university.

To Barcelona

Regarding the apartment hunt, I can say that Barcelona offers a lot of opportunities to find accommodation that is cheap and acceptable. There are a lot of sites that can make your search easier. But you should start doing it in good time. Since Barcelona has a metro, the good connection makes it possible to get from A to B quickly and without problems. There is a possibility of a 3-month card with a discount for students and it pays off, the costs are around 100 euros.

Barcelona is a wonderful city that offers a wide variety of culture, music, sights, events, sports, nightlife, etc. You also live by the sea and you can even go to the beach in October, while in Germany it is no longer possible to go out of the house without winter clothing. There are also a lot of mountains with wonderful viewpoints over the whole of Barcelona such as Montjuic or Tibidabo.

The diversity of the city can also be seen in the different parts of the city. One of the most beautiful and probably my favorite parts of the city is Gracia. You just have to be there and experience the atmosphere! In addition to the most famous tourist spots such as Placa Catalunya, Parc Guell or Barceloneta, there are a lot of places that are a bit outside of the center, but are definitely worth seeing. During the stressful university time, you have the opportunity to play beach volleyball or experience Pilates on the beach in Barcelona. In the evening Barcelona has night clubs on the beach, such as Opium and Shoko, but there are also plenty of clubs and bars in the center, which are usually a little cheaper but just as good and a lot of fun.

I made the best decision in my life to apply for the program. The experiences and experiences will always stay with you and I enjoy every moment.

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Review (9)