Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Review (8)

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Review (8)


I studied in Barcelona at the Universitat Autonoma in Barcelona from September 2010 to December 2010 and I really enjoyed the city, the weather, the people and the nightlife!

Barcelona is like a paradise for studying. On the one hand the big city, in which one can orientate oneself very quickly, on the other hand, the beach life.
From September to mid-October you can spend the afternoons after university on the beach, I can particularly recommend the Barceloneta beach section, which can be reached quickly and easily by bus or metro. Visit mcat-test-centers.com to get information about china higher education.

The city has a lot to offer culturally, Gaudi is of course represented in the most important places in the city (Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, etc.), but there are also enough museums (Picasso, Miro, etc.).
Furthermore, visits to Montjuic and Tibidabo are an absolute “must”.

A visit to the Nou Camp is of course a must for all football fans, the tickets are rather expensive compared to Germany (around € 35 in the cheapest category), but the experience is absolutely worth it.

At “el clasico” (FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid) the city is in an absolute state of emergency, if you are willing to pay up to 500 € for a card you shouldn’t miss it, but bars or restaurants are great too Mood.

The 500 € could be used much better for celebrating.

Because the nightlife of Barcelona is legendary and absolutely world class. You can turn night into day seven days a week without any problems. Every day a different club has special offers, about which you can get the best information on Facebook.

Numerous locations on the beach (CDLC, Shoko, Opium Mar) are recommended, but clubs near Avenida Diagonal in the middle of Barcelona (Otto Zutz, Sutton) are also great for partying.
The good thing about Barcelona is that you can enjoy the nightlife very well, as you only have university from Monday to Thursday.

I did the pre-established program and had four courses because the choice of subjects for economics in Barcelona is very good and I can have the subjects recognized at my university without any problems. The courses take place twice a week. Another advantage is that the courses are not so full with an average of 30 students and are in English.
So nobody has to worry who does not speak the Spanish language.
Because I couldn’t speak Spanish either and in everyday life you can get by without Spanish, although you should perhaps be able to learn some basics, such as ordering something to eat.
To spice up my Spanish a little, I took a six-week language course that I organized privately over the Internet.
I would recommend that to everyone else, because the language course at the university costs around € 800 and for the same money you can get a week-long private language course.

The registration process via MicroEDU ran flawlessly.
I sent my records to MicroEDU and the rest was taken care of. A few weeks later I received the notification of admission. It really couldn’t be more uncomplicated.

After I got my approval, I started looking for an apartment. First of all, it is important to know that Spain is not Germany. You should get used to this right from the start.
Rental contracts in the form in Germany are not normal, so you shouldn’t be too naive to strike immediately.
I found my apartment with three friends on the internet. We lived in the middle of Barcelona, ​​about 20 minutes’ walk from the university’s Eixample campus. Some people have to go to another campus (Sant Pau) for a subject, but that wasn’t a problem either, with the metro you could get there in 5-10 minutes.
Barcelona is a metropolis and everyone who normally studies in small university towns should be prepared for big city prices, both for rent and for going to the disco.

Unfortunately, one should be careful with the pickpockets. It’s a big, everyday problem in Barcelona. In the metro, bus or in public places you should always hold your wallet or handbag in front of you. The thieves are freezing cold and very quick. Fortunately, I was spared, but friends of mine had cell phones, wallets, etc. stolen.

I would recommend this program to anyone, because these 15 weeks were absolutely fantastic and I would like to go back immediately.
Apart from the fact that you party a lot, the university is also a little easier than in Germany, so you can take a few good grades with you from Barcelona.

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Review (8)