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How is United States Sports Academy abbreviated? It is commonly known as USSA. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of USSA. Just click the image to see all definitions of USSA.

United States Sports Academy
School in Daphne offers Master of Sport Science and Doctor of Sport Management degrees.
Website: http://www.sport.ussa.edu/

United States Sports Academy – Academic Programs
Obtain admissions information and course curricula for master’s and doctoral degree programs, including a Doctor of Sport Management program.
Website: http://www.sport.ussa.edu/program1.htm

United States Sports Academy – Bachelor Degree Fulfillment
Offers its bachelor degree fulfillment program in cooperation with the University of Americas for students and athletes around the world. Inquire online about programs.
Website: http://www.ussa.edu/college-degree.htm

United States Sports Academy – Continuing Education
Offers continuing education and certification programs in sports recreation and management at its Alabama school and via its online programs.
Website: http://www.ussa.edu/PROGRAMS/CONTED.HTM

United States Sports Academy – Distance Learning Degrees
Details its Web-based Master’s degree and certification programs including Doctor of sport medicine, Master of sport science in sport coaching, and personal training.
Website: http://www.ussa.edu/distance-learning.htm

United States Sports Academy – Doctor of Sport Management
Learn about the academic program and online learning opportunities for this doctor of sport management degree. Read the course catalog and admission policy.
Website: http://www.ussa.edu/doctorate.htm

United States Sports Academy – International Programs
Read established protocols, find out about international job opportunities, and get details on its international certification and sport diploma program.
Website: http://www.ussa.edu/PROGRAMS/INTERNAT.HTM

United States Sports Academy – Master of Sport Science
Offers programs in sport coaching, sport management, health and fitness management, and sports medicine. With course listings and an application for admission.
Website: http://www.ussa.edu/master-degree.htm

United States Sports Academy – Special Academic Programs
Select from its programs in bodybuilding, sport coaching for figure skaters, and educational programs in association with the General Assoc. of Int’l Sports Federations.
Website: http://www.ussa.edu/PROGRAMS/SPECIAL.HTM

United States Sports Academy Alumni Services
Read about current happenings with alumni. Includes links to the school’s publications and news.
Website: http://www.sport.ussa.edu/service1.htm