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Lviv is a tranquil city in the Carpathians, rich in significant architectural monuments of many stylistic epochs. The architectural variety of the buildings is due to the many invasions of past centuries. The Dominican Church (18th century) and the St. Jur’s Cathedral are particularly worth visiting. The Market Square ( Staryj Rynok ), whose medieval character has been preserved, is also worth seeing. The two-river city is nestled in a hilly landscape that offers numerous excursion and hiking opportunities.

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Ceramic and leather goods, wood carvings, jewelry and paintings are popular souvenirs. Arts and crafts can be bought direct from the artist at street stalls, galleries or gift shops. Other typical souvenirs from Ukraine are pyansky (hand-painted eggs) and matryoshka (brightly painted, nestable Russian dolls). Hand-embroidered garments are also popular, but the quality can vary greatly. You can occasionally find bargains on religious artefacts – though it’s important to remember that the export of antique items is prohibited. The souvenirs from the times of the Soviet Union that are offered in many places are often of more recent production date and were made in other countries such as China. The markets, which take place regularly in all larger towns, offer a special shopping experience. Probably the largest and most well-known market in the country is the Priwos in Odessa. More than 6,0000 traders on the eight-hectare site offer not only fresh fruit and vegetables, but also fresh seafood and fish, all kinds of delicacies typical of the country, including delicious baked goods such as poppy seed rolls, honey cakes or smetanniki (yeast baked goods with sour cream). You can even buy clothes, shoes, household appliances, cosmetics and perfumery items on the Privos.

Opening hours

Mon-Sat 8am-7pm (department stores), small shops are usually open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, some shops open until 8pm. Some smaller shops close at lunchtime, usually 1-2pm or 2-3pm.


You should refrain from buying fur goods, as these sometimes come from endangered species. Compliance with import and export regulations is strictly monitored. Non-compliance can result in high fines and lengthy investigations, during which you are not allowed to leave the country. Before exporting items purchased in Ukraine, you should therefore urgently find out about the current customs regulations.



Night owls will find a selection of pubs, bars, discotheques and nightclubs in all larger and also in many smaller towns, where people often party until the early hours of the morning. Here you can quickly get into conversation with the open-minded and warm-hearted Ukrainians. Especially in Kyiv there is a lively nightclub and disco scene. Some of these party locations are in the middle of the Dnieper River in converted barges. Khreshchatyk, the central main street in Kyiv, is closed to traffic on weekends and on some public holidays and is declared a party mile. The city’s numerous pubs are often crowded, especially during the popular happy hour, where drinks are offered particularly cheaply, mostly on Friday or Saturday evenings. The Ukraine also has a lot to offer culturally. Ukrainians have a deep musical tradition and singing is very popular. There are numerous live events in many cities, with rock, folk and jazz concerts being particularly popular. Live music is also offered in some more upmarket restaurants on the weekends, especially in Kyiv and Odessa. Excellent opera performances in a magnificent setting can be seen at the theaters in Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa. Varieté and marionette theater offer further variety. Tickets for cultural events are very cheap and can also be bought at the box office, since the prices are unaffordable for many Ukrainians.



Traditional Ukrainian dishes are usually rich and hearty. Meat, dumplings, potatoes and sour cream are particularly popular. For dessert, people like to eat honey cake or poppy seed strudel. The range of vegetables varies according to the season: in the summer months you can find all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes on the markets, while in the winter months it is more canned fruit and cabbage that are on offer. You can find pizzerias in all major cities, especially in Kyiv. Most restaurants are expensive, but Kyiv now has a variety of Japanese, Thai, French, Italian and Indian restaurants.

Regional specialities

Borscht (beetroot soup) Vareniki (pies stuffed with cheese, meat or fruit) Galushki (small dumplings) Holubtsi (cabbage rolls) Deruny (potato pancakes) Pelmeny (meat-filled ravioli)

Useful information

Chicken Kiev (breaded chicken breast stuffed with butter and dill) can be found on some menus, but is not originally from Ukraine. The origin of this dish is assumed to be in the USA.


A service charge of 10-15% is usually already included in the bills. A small additional tip helps the guest to get better service.

Regional drinks

Crimean wines are excellent, especially Krasnij Kamen (Red Stone), Abrau and Miskako (both dry). Sparkling wine from eastern Ukraine (Artyomov brand) is very good. Vodka is also a popular drink. Slightly sour-tasting kvas (a fizzy drink made from malt, rye, and water) is sold in some places from yellow-painted tankers marked Квас, but is also available in bottles and cans. Uswar (a compote drink made from dried or fresh fruit, sometimes sweetened with honey), birch sap and kefir (a sour milk drink) are also typical drinks.

Minimum age for consumption of alcoholic beverages

In Ukraine, you can drink alcohol from the age of 18.



There are hardly any designated campsites. With the exception of landscape protection areas and main roads, camping is generally permitted everywhere.



About 60% of the population is either atheist or non-denominational. Ukrainian-Orthodox, alongside Russian-Orthodox, Greek-Orthodox and Roman-Catholic, Jewish and Protestant minorities.

Social Rules of Conduct

General: Some Ukrainians are devout. Superstitions are also widespread, e.g. you never say hello or goodbye over the threshold, never put an empty bottle on the table and never whistle in closed rooms. Social etiquette: Ukrainians are known for their hospitality, helpfulness and warmth. After just a short acquaintance, you are often invited home. When entering a house, you take off your shoes. Wine, chocolates or a souvenir from your home country are suitable gifts for guests. Flowers are always given in odd numbers. You show up on time, but it’s better to be a few minutes late than too early. Men greet each other with a handshake Women with a suggested kiss on both cheeks. Men should only shake a woman’s hand if she offers it to him. Elderly people should always be treated with great respect. Wealth should not be shown openly. Clothing: Neat casual clothing is appropriate in most cases. Dress more elegantly for theater and opera visits. Women should cover their hair when entering a church or mosque. Photographing: Military objects, seaports, industrial zones and railway or transport facilities may not be photographed. People should be asked before being photographed. For your own safety, you should be careful not to continuously present an expensive camera to everyone. Smoking: Although smoking is widespread in Ukraine, Since December 2012, there has been a general smoking ban in public buildings such as restaurants, nightclubs, discotheques, football stadiums, etc. Security: Ukraine is generally a safe country, but you should also take care of your valuables here. Important documents such as flight tickets, identity papers or booking confirmations should always be copied. Beware of pickpockets and scammers. When traveling by air, valuables should preferably be transported in hand luggage and checked suitcases should be locked. Tipping: It is customary to tip 10% in restaurants. In upscale restaurants, however, a service charge is usually already included in the bill. The tip is usually included in the fare in the taxi. Tour guides, bellboys and maids should be tipped.


Best travel time

Predominantly temperate continental climate. Warm summers, sunny autumns and cold, snowy winters. Mediterranean on the Black Sea coast. The best time to travel to Ukraine is from May to September.

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Ukraine flag vs map