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Summer session – this pair of words should be remembered by anyone who moves abroad but who has limited time due to intensive studies. Just study in the USA, without being committed forever, without necessarily having to look for a scholarship – just like that, start studying now.

The course selection was already activated in February, you could choose your subjects in peace. However, every university has its focus areas, which in Berkeley are clearly in the area of ​​business and law. As a journalism student, maybe not the first address. But only at first glance. Of course, I would have liked to take courses at the School of Journalism, but these are only open to graduate students. Nevertheless, students from the media sector will also find some interesting offers. Depending on your personal inclination, you can take two or more courses, three of which should probably mark the upper limit.

I decided on a more content-based and a more linguistic-oriented course. “American Media and Global Politics” was an interdisciplinary seminar that dealt with the role of the US media in the presentation and communication of American interests and interventions abroad. I was enthusiastic about the course from day one. It was probably just the right mix of a convincing lecturer, moderate in-class tests and interesting research tasks. To pass, a one-hour test had to be written and an essay had to be submitted. The well-attended course took place three times a week for two and a half hours each time.

My second course dealt with Academic Writing, which by and large meant preparing, researching and writing essays. After a slight initial insufficient challenge, the course turned out to be quite useful and interesting. About half of the course was attended by Asian students, whose text editing and research skills were more different from the Western or American ones, so the patient lecturer spent some time on it, especially at the beginning. Germans probably have the most problems with the relatively different setting of commas in English, at least a small stumbling block with the otherwise fairly easy passing. In order to master the course, two essays had to be submitted. The choice of topic was up to you. So here you could write about topics who otherwise couldn’t find a home during their studies. The rather small course took place twice a week for two and a half hours each time. Check anycountyprivateschools to see more reviews from current students.

Contact with other summer session participants was actually quite easy via the courses. Especially in the run-up to a summer session, it is worth setting up a Facebook group and inviting people to a session, even if the email addresses are announced. So you can plan meetings or trips together online in advance. In my case, a small group had already found a small group shortly after my arrival, with whom we went straight to San Francisco! Thanks to a sticker that you get together with the student card Cal1Card, you can travel for free in the entire AC transit network – with the lines F and 800 even to and from San Francisco. The so-called Transbay buses start directly on the south side of the campus.

But don’t worry, you usually don’t stay an isolated group for long, but get to know new people almost every day, with whom you can do something different again. Or you simply mix up the various new acquaintances. In the end you know people from Japan, France, South Korea, LA, Illinois and of course from Germany. If you make virtual contact via Facebook and deepen it in person, you have ten new beds all over the world in one fell swoop!

In any case, in Berkeley you spend a very intensive time in a place that offers many possibilities – in any case, it never gets boring. Anyone who walks openly and curiously across the huge campus and takes advantage of the offers will have a great time. But even those who prefer to do their thing in a concentrated manner will not be disappointed in Berkeley.
Finally, a few recommendations:
Sport – The RSF (Recreational Sports Facility) offers the opportunity to keep fit over time in many sports, from basketball to aerobics to badminton. Simply check the map online to see when which sport can be practiced. One-time fee of just $ 10. The RSF is on the southwest end of the campus on Bancroft Way.

Café – On campus the Free Speech Cafe in the Moffitt Library, outside of it the Franco-American La Note at 2377 Shattuck Ave (also good for brunch).
Food – There are plenty of places to find something tasty to eat on and around campus. You can get away cheaply at Blondie’s Pizza (which changes daily) on 2340 Telegraph Ave. For salad fans who are really hungry, we recommend Cafe Mattina a little further on 2442 Telegraph Ave (always a long line at lunchtime, but it’s worth it!). Dessert: Hot Brownie Sundae at Ben & Jerry’s at 2128 Oxford St.

Party – With the F-Bus to San Francisco, there directly near the bus stop to the ROE on 651 Howard St, music: Dubstep, House. Back with the F or 800 bus. In Berkeley, the Missouri Lounge at 2600 San Pablo Ave is well worth a visit.

Books – My tip: Moe’s Books at 2476 Telegraph Ave. You can always find something here, great prices, a nice and uncomplicated team.
Meeting point – around the fountain on Sproul Plaza. A beautiful, central place on campus, always busy! You can relax very well on the large lawn in front of the Doe Library.

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