Travel to Panama

Travel to Panama

North America

Area: 75,517 km²
Residents: 4,098,000 (2017)
Population density: 54 E / km²
Form of Government: Republic
System of Government: Presidential democracy
Neighboring countries: Costa RicaColombia
Capital: Panama City National
language: Spanish
78% Catholic,
15% Protestant,
(Adventists and Pentecostals),
0.36% Jehovah’s Witnesses
Currency: Balboa (PAB) and US dollars
1 PAB = 1 US dollar (fixed)
1 PAB = 100 Centésimos
Exchange rates:
1 PAB = 1 USD (fixed)
1 EUR = 1.22 PAB
1 PAB = 0.82 EUR
1 CHF = 1.10 PAB
1 PAB = 0.91 CHF
(rate from 02.26.2021)
Telephone area code: +507
Time zone: UTC − 5

In 2020, 74 Germans officially emigrated to Panama and 111 returned to their homeland. Within the 10 years from 2010 to 2019, 906 Germans officially emigrated to Panama and 804 moved back to Germany.

According to allcitycodes, Panama is known for the most important sea connection between the Pacific and the Caribbean, the Panama Canal. Officially, more than 1,000 Germans now live here. The recent simplification of immigration is sure to motivate many more to emigrate to this beautiful Central American country.

Pensioners, dropouts and entrepreneurs (tax haven and banking secrecy) can find their dream home here. Politically it is quiet in this country. European immigrants are particularly drawn to the capital, Panama City, as well as to David, Boquete and Constanza.

Panama’s summer begins at the beginning of winter in Central Europe. Extreme heat and high humidity accompany this time. There is eternal spring in the Boquete highlands. Panama has palm beaches, rainforests and much more to offer.

Travel and Visa

Changed travel regulations during and after the corona pandemic

Entry is generally permitted again for all travelers. A negative PCR test or antigen test must be presented, which was carried out no more than 48 hours before departure. In addition, all travelers must submit a declaration of their health status prior to departure. The corresponding form can be filled out online.

Travelers arriving with no or outdated negative PCR or antigen test must have a test carried out at their own expense (US $ 50) upon arrival at Tocumen International Airport. If the test is positive, people with symptoms or risk factors are initially accommodated for 14 days in a hotel under the care of the Panamanian Ministry of Health. Further testing may be done if symptoms are present.

Entry by land from Costa Rica is again possible for foreign tourists. In this case, too, a negative COVID-19 test carried out no more than 48 hours before entry must be presented.

For travelers who want to enter from Great Britain, India, South Africa or a country in South America or who have stayed in one of these countries in the last 14 days, additional requirements apply: These persons are obliged to complete a PCR no more than 48 hours before departure to Panama – or perform an antigen test.

Another molecular test must then be carried out at your own expense at Tocumen International Airport prior to entry. If the test result is negative, a three-day quarantine must then be completed in your own apartment or in a hotel for travelers under the supervision of the Panamanian Ministry of Health.

After the three-day quarantine has expired, another test is carried out in order to be able to end the quarantine if the test result is negative. If the test result is positive, a 14-day quarantine must be completed in a hotel under the care of the Panamanian Ministry of Health.

With an additional full vaccination against COVID-19 at least 14 days before entry with a vaccine approved by OMS, EMA and FDA, the three-day quarantine obligation for this group of travelers does not apply. The vaccination certificate must be registered electronically beforehand in order to receive a Panamanian digital vaccination card.

Source: Federal Foreign Office on July 24th, 2021

General provisions for travel and residence (until the corona pandemic)

German citizens need a valid passport and can stay in the country for up to 180 days without a visa. Every child needs its own identity document. A return ticket or a valid onward ticket (land / air) as well as a valid residence permit for the country of onward travel (a tourist visa alone is not sufficient) must be presented upon entry.

Furthermore, one should have sufficient financial means for the stay with you when entering the country (at least 500 US dollars in cash) or be able to prove the availability of the corresponding amount on the credit card account (to be presented by credit card statement). In order to be able to stay in the country for another 180 days without a visa, you only need to leave the country for 3 days (e.g. go to Costa Rica) and then come back.

Travel to Panama