Travel to Lithuania

Travel to Lithuania


Lithuania is a state in Europe and the southernmost of the three Baltic states. Lithuania is bounded in the southeast and east by Belarus and in the north by Latvia. Poland is located in the south of Lithuania. Although the border length is only about 100 kilometers, it is the most important connection between Lithuania and Western and Central Europe. In the southwest is Kaliningrad, which belongs to Russia, the border is partly formed by the Memel River. In the west the country borders with sandy beaches on the Baltic Sea.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a World Heritage Site, thanks to its historically preserved old town center. It is one of the largest completely preserved city centers in Europe. The diverse ambience of the city, which is composed of historic churches, palaces, alleys, of well-kept and neglected buildings, gives the city center of Vilnius a special flair to experience the style break in the suburbs. Here, as a Soviet legacy, unadorned prefabricated buildings dominate the appearance. The Hochlitauen lake plateau is a scenic excursion destination.

For vacationers and travelers, Lithuania is a worthwhile destination, a vacation in Lithuania means a lot to receive and to pay relatively little for it. In recent years, vacationers have become increasingly interested in Lithuania.

In addition to cultural aspects, Lithuania also offers spectacular architecture and fascinating church history. Jewish history is omnipresent in Lithuania and can be fully understood from the many museums that deal with the topic.
Of course, the German and Soviet occupiers also left their mark on Lithuania. These can still be seen and felt today.

Bathing and beach holidaymakers will find good conditions for a successful and relaxing stay in Lithuania. Because the partly beautiful beaches are mostly deserted. This is how you can spend relaxing holidays in Lithuania.

Best time to travel to Lithuania

The period between May and September is best for a vacation in Lithuania. The water temperatures in the Baltic Sea rarely exceed 16 ° C, even in summer. The travel time for winter sports activities is between November and March. Visit handbagpicks for Lithuania Travel Guide.

Lithuania – how to get there

Airplane: there are air connections between Lithuania and numerous other European countries. Cheap flights to Lithuania, including from Air Baltic, Wizzair andRyanair, are available from Frankfurt / Main, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Düsseldorfor Munich, for example. There are also flights to and from London, Liverpool, Stockholm, Paris, Warsaw, Dublin and Malmö.

Airports: the bulk of the international Air traffic from and to Lithuania runs through the Vilnius International Airport. Kaunas International Airport, northwest of Vilnius, is the destination of most low-cost airlines. Other airports are Palaga and Siauliai.

Ship: The Lithuanian port of call for all international ferries is the port of Klaipeda. The majority of the incomingShipsare cargo ferries, some of which can also accommodate passengers.
DFDS Lisco sends passenger ferries from Klaipeda to Kiev and vice versa several times a week. Scandlines offers trips by cargo ship from Klaipeda to Aabenraa and Arhus (Denmark).

Rail: from Vilnius there are daily direct connections to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Warsaw and Minsk.

Car: travelers can cross the border to and from Poland, for example at Ogrodniki and Budzisko, but should allow for a longer waiting time. There are smaller border crossings to neighboring Latvia.

Bus: Eurolines and Ecolines have offices in Vilnius and other major cities in the country. The company’s buses connect Vilnius with, among others, Riga, Kaliningrad, Tallinn, Warsaw, Moscow, Minsk and Gdansk. There are also regular connections to some Western European cities, including London, as well as some German cities, such as Berlin.

Lithuania – traveling in the country

Train: there are regular train connections between Vilnius and numerous larger and smaller cities. These include Klaipeda, Kaunas and Siauliai.

Automobile: by car travelers can cross Lithuania within a few hours. Modern four-lane highways connect Vilnius with Klaipeda (via Kaunas) and Panavezys.

Car rental
Numerous large international car rental agencies have offices in Vilnius. However, cars from local car rental companies are cheaper, some of whom rent older cars at low rates.

Bus: from Vilnius buses run several times a day to all major cities in the country, including Klaipeda, Siauliai and Kaunas.

Local transport: Lithuania’s local public transport consists of a network of buses, trolley buses and minibuses. In most cities, the bus ticket must be validated when you start your journey, otherwise there is a risk of a fine.

Travel to Lithuania