Coldest Countries in the World

Top 10 Coldest Countries in the World


Living in one of the coldest countries in the world is a big challenge! In Brazil, a warm country not only among Brazilians, but also due to general weather conditions, the weather is different! It is not easy to live in negative temperatures compared to ordinary daily activities such as sleeping, working, getting around, it is very cold against the unused human body. But not everything is a nightmare, as it is amazing to imagine the scenery and fun that snow provides to people, and also a warm drink by the fireplace can even be therapeutic. Source:


Iceland is a country of extreme cold, with ice everywhere. In the lower regions the temperature is known on average as it does not rise above the 0 ° C mark. In the upper regions the temperature is usually colder than minus 10 ° C. For a period of one year, the drop is around minus 40 °.


In this country, the average temperature is below 0 ° C in winter. Between April and October, freezing may occur. In January and February the temperature is freezing, reaching up to minus 20 °. Other signs of extreme cold in this region are frozen water, and dangerous precipitation.


The country has a very hot summer, but the winter season is considered too cold to live. The coldest city is Astana, with very heavy rains and still without regularity. For example, in winter, leaving the house can lead to toe loss due to freezing.


In this very cold country, cities have different temperatures. In the region of the Prairie provinces, the cold is present, with temperatures reaching up to 15 ° C in the day and 39 ° C at night. In the region there are many winds, which makes the cold situation worse for anyone adapt.


In this country the average temperature can drop to minus 9 ° C, and the highest reaches 7 ° C, even on days of the months considered milder. Across the country, there is ice sheet cover, so sunlight is prevented from entering the atmosphere.


In Russia for the whole year, winds are common, due to the average temperature to record very low numbers. In January, the minimum can reach around 27 ° C and the maximum in temperature, below 8 ° C. The summer season is not very hot, with average temperature around 3 °, which symbolizes very cold!


By the winter season, this country is covered with snow, around 4 months. And the temperature may plummet to minus 20 degrees, with summer being milder. The area of ​​Lapland is the coldest in this country, especially by winds with strong and sharp characteristics as well.


Estonia is a country that is not extremely cold, but has no comfortable living temperature. The cause of this situation is due to the usual rainfall that is responsible for sharply lowering the temperature, regardless of the time of year.

2. USA

his country in Alaska is highlighted by its very low temperature, with a minimum of 62 ° C in short. And not only is the cold extreme, there are strong winds to face, with the risk of very cold temperatures for people exposed at any time. in these areas. And Mt Mc Kinley in this country, also called Denali, is the highest peak in the North American region, and is considered one of the coldest mountains on the planet. Denali is located in central Alaska, with average temperatures on record minus 40 °; climbing in this region is very difficult. But for tourists interested in the cold weather and wanting other adventure options, Denali National Park has lakes, beautiful landscapes and very interesting rivers.


The area of ​​the continent of Antarctica is the lowest temperatures in the world. And conditions can be so extreme, marking -89.2 ° C. Other local features are very dry climate and even precipitation that can even kill.

Coldest Countries in the World