Tokyo Travel Guide


Tokyo of contrasts conquers with its courtesy, cherry blossoms and neon lights. Tokyo, one of the most famous metropolises in the world, is a combination of state-of-the-art architecture and traditional Japanese customs. Dive into the most fascinating destination in the East!


According to Abbreviation Finder, the capital of Japan, Tokyo, is a large city of about nine million inhabitants, whose various regions, fascinating local culture and great attractions offer the traveler the full experience of a holiday. The city is located in the central part of the country in Tokyo Prefecture.

Tokyo is a traditional city holiday destination, enjoying the atmosphere of a million city, shopping in lush shopping malls, touring fascinating neighborhoods and taking full advantage of the diverse restaurant offerings. The city has a number of top-class luxury hotels, but it also offers modest accommodation – in Tokyo, for example, you can stay in a traditional Japanese capsule hotel.

Despite the huge size of the city, Tokyo’s most popular attractions can be toured in a few days. You can get the most out of the giant city when you venture around boldly – a lost person will soon find himself at a subway or train station.

Tokyo is a world-class metropolis with plenty to see.

A city break in Tokyo can be enjoyed all year round

There is plenty to see and do in Tokyo, regardless of the season. Summers are a time of city festivals when you can admire the awesome fireworks. Autumn fall ignites the entire country to a magnificent splendor of colors that can be enjoyed in Tokyo’s parks or the surrounding area, such as Mount Takao or Kamakura.

In December, the Tokyo Districts will compete with each other in the most handsome lighting, which, in addition to discount stores, will also entice locals to spend the evening outdoors.

The flowering of spring cherry trees is known to the Japanese as one of the highlights of the year.

Due to the weather, the most ideal time to travel is from May to September, when the average temperature exceeds 15 degrees. Like Finland, the warmest months are July and August.

A traditional city break in Tokyo

Cultural experiences and a metropolitan atmosphere attract tourists to Tokyo, and travel there primarily for a traditional city break. The framework is in place, as there are many tastes to do in a city of millions. Spend days wandering around cultural attractions, state-of-the-art shopping malls and enjoy the city’s restaurant.

In Tokyo and all over Japan, dining options can be found for every budget. The cheapest soba and Udon noodles come off chain restaurants for just over a euro. Dinner at sushi, sukiyaki and shabushabu restaurants in Ginza’s fine area, for example, charges much higher travel budgets.

Tokyo is also a great destination for families with children. There are several huge amusement parks in the city, in addition to which there are enough fascinating encounters on the city street for the youngest of the family – and why not for the bigger ones. Around the corner you can meet, for example, a local girl dressed as a living doll or an advertiser in a soft teddy bear on the street. The most suitable areas for bonga specialties are the Shinjuku and Shibuya Districts.

Tokyo is a world-class metropolis with plenty to see

Safe city destination

Tokyo is a clean and safe city destination where the services a tourist needs work perfectly.

If your own language skills do not bend to Japanese, you will usually get along well with English. However, locals should not automatically be expected to have extensive English proficiency. The tourist should consider the Japanese way of communicating: they are not said directly and a smile can mean practically anything.

The locals sometimes behave in a mind-boggling manner, and the tourist should make no exception: treat both taxi drivers and hotel officials with respect and apologize more often than not less often. In this city, courtesy and good manners go a long way.



The busy Shibuya junction is one of the most famous in the world.

Tokyo must-see attractions

  1. Harajuku district and Takeshita dori shopping street
  2. Shinkuju’s famous intersection
  3. Yoyogi Park
  4. Akihibara electronics district
  5. Sensoji Temple
  6. Skytree

Admire the scenery of the metropolis from above

Tokyo’s most famous landmark is the 634-meter Skytree, built near Asakusa. A classic alternative to big city views opens from the Tokyo Tower near Roppong, the city’s second tallest observation tower.

For those looking for a free view, it’s best to visit the western Shinjuku Tokyo Municipal Office, which is free to enter and can be seen from the 45th floor when the weather is favorable all the way to Mount Fuji.

Don’t get stuck in the center

In addition to the most popular destinations, visitors to Tokyo should definitely stop outside the city center. Between Hachioji on the eastern side of Tokyo and the western Takao, a journey of about 80 kilometers, there is room for something to see, experience and enjoy.