Texas Tech University

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How is Texas Tech University abbreviated? It is commonly known as TTU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of TTU. Just click the image to see all definitions of TTU.

Texas Tech – Dept. of Agricultural & Applied Economics

Explore degree programs, departmental research areas, and faculty interests or check out the latest standings in the “Kiss-the-Pig” contest.

Website: http://www.aeco.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech – Double T Bookstore

Serves the Texas Tech campus, including the law and nursing schools. Find the addresses of the three Lubbock locations and visit the gift shop.

Website: http://www.doubletbookstore.com/

Texas Tech Univ. – Animal Science and Food Technology

Department offers support to new and current students, and presents resources and a faculty directory.

Website: http://www.asft.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech Univ. – Center for Forensics Studies

Describes the Center for Forensics Studies, a research facility that works with degree programs in electrical engineering, chemistry and physics.

Website: http://www.phys.ttu.edu/cfs/

Texas Tech Univ. – Dept. of Chemical Engineering

Examine chemical engineering faculty research fields, find Internet courses and obtain a curriculum. Explains the exchange program.

Website: http://www.che.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech Univ. – Dept. of Health and Physical Ed.

Department presents its mission statement, labs and facilities, and course catalog and schedule. Get scholarship details.

Website: http://www.hper.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech Univ. – Dept. of HPER

Read about programs in leisure services admin and sports mgt in the Dept. of Health, Physical Ed. and Recreation. Connect to academic guidelines.

Website: http://www.hper.ttu.edu/graduate/

Texas Tech Univ. – Dept. of Industrial Engineering

Provides a letter from the chairman and describes its undergraduate and graduate programs.

Website: http://www.coe.ttu.edu/ie/ie_home.htm

Texas Tech Univ. – Dept. of Petroleum Engineering

Check out the Department of Petroleum Engineering’s graduate and undergraduate programs, faculty, research services, facilities and associations.

Website: http://www.pe.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech Univ. – Land-Use Planning and Design Dept.

Interdisciplinary program leads to a PhD degree in land-use planning, management and design. Find an explanation of the course and curriculum.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/~offpub/GradISLAND.html

Texas Tech Univ. – Latin American and Iberian Studies

Offers a graduate degree in the field. Includes courses, a program overview and degree requirements.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/~offpub/GradISLATIN.html

Texas Tech Univ. – MA Technical Communication

Get an overview of the application and admission process for the tech writing program at Texas Tech. Includes details about internships.

Website: http://english.ttu.edu/tc/MATC/MATChome.htm

Texas Tech Univ. – Program in Comparative Literature

Learn about the comparative literature program at this Southern college. Browse course offerings, faculty listings and symposium information.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/~complit/

Texas Tech Univ. – Range, Wildlife & Fisheries Mgt

Department elucidates the structure and requirements of its graduate and undergraduate courses.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/~rwfmhp/

Texas Tech Univ. – Restaurant, Hotel/Institutional Mgt

Describes the graduate, undergraduate and distance-education programs in restaurant and hotel management. Read about department scholarships.

Website: http://www.hs.ttu.edu/ENRHM/RHIM/

Texas Tech Univ. – Technical Communication

Provides an overview of the technical communications department at Texas Tech. Includes details about academic programs and careers.

Website: http://english.ttu.edu/tc/

Texas Tech University

Located in Lubbock, this university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. Investigate its services for students.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University

Box 42091 Lubbock, TX 79409-2091. Email: acad.prog@ttu.edu. Ph: 806.742.3136

Website: http://www.arch.ttu.edu/architecture/

Texas Tech University – Agricultural Sciences

Features a phone directory, course information, and departmental profiles for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

Website: http://www.casnr.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – Architecture Library

Read basic library guides and news, along with details on circulation and hours of operation. Use the Avery index to find periodicals.

Website: http://www.lib.ttu.edu/architecture/index.htm

Texas Tech University – Atmospheric Science Group

Department of Geosciences offers MS and PhD Degrees in atmospheric science. See curriculum details and the local weather.

Website: http://www.atmo.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – College of Engineering

Learn about the history of Texas Tech’s engineering program, check out the nine departments within the college and explore student programs.

Website: http://www.coe.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – Department of English

Offers programs in creative writing, composition and rhetoric, literature and technical communication. Shares news and announcements.

Website: http://english.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – Department of History

Learn about the master’s and doctoral programs in history, or scan a list of faculty members. Includes an application.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/~history/

Texas Tech University – Department of Physics

Read a message from the physics department chair, browse the undergraduate and graduate studies brochures, or visit the labs. Meet the faculty.

Website: http://www.phys.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – Dept. of Landscape Architecture

Lubbock, TX, school offers an overview of its courses, current projects, faculty members and degree programs.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/~casnr/landscape/

Texas Tech University – DME

Department of Mechanical Engineering offers fellowships for graduate study. Check out its labs, research areas, faculty and programs of study.

Website: http://www.me.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – Electrical Engineering

Get an overview of the electrical engineering department, then study faculty, course and admissions information regarding the degree programs.


Texas Tech University – Environmental Design

Describes the course list and admission requirements for receiving a MS degree in environmental design. Includes a program overview.

Website: http://www.hs.ttu.edu/MEDCE/grad/ms_ed.htm

Texas Tech University – Finance Department

Includes course requirements and listings for the finance department’s undergraduate and PhD programs. Read faculty and staff profiles.

Website: http://www.ba.ttu.edu/fin/

Texas Tech University – Health Sciences Center

Health Sciences Center School of Medicine has 4 campuses and offers over 30 graduate programs. Get news, or find alumni links.

Website: http://www.ttuhsc.edu/

Texas Tech University – Health Sciences Center, Alumni

Locate a calendar of upcoming events sponsored by this organization and peruse a related newsletter.

Website: http://www.ttuhsc.edu/Home/AlumniFriendsindex.htm

Texas Tech University – ITC

International Textile Center conducts research, testing and evaluation of fibers and fabrics. Includes staff profiles and a laboratory tour.

Website: http://www.itc.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – Libraries

Read descriptions of the library-express service as well as of the library’s collections and archives.

Website: http://www.lib.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – Mathematics and Statistics

Lists seminars, current events, faculty profiles, research groups, program descriptions and math resources.

Website: http://www.math.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – Museum Science Program

Presents its faculty and staff credentials, as well as general program information. Discover the related student association.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/~museum/msp.html

Texas Tech University – Philosophy Department

Presents course schedules, faculty profiles and details of courses, colloquia and student associations.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/Philosophy/

Texas Tech University – Physiology Department

Details the cardiopulmonary, neurophysiology and renal programs. Send email to faculty or request an application.

Website: http://phy025.lubb.ttuhsc.edu/

Texas Tech University – Plant and Soil Science Dept.

Study plant and soil sciences with a faculty known for its research of abiotic stress of crop plants. Read about the faculty and courses.

Website: http://www.pssc.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – Range and Wildlife Management

Dept. of Range, Wildlife and Fisheries Management offers an undergraduate program in environmental conservation and natural resources.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/~rwfmhp/conservation.html

Texas Tech University – School of Allied Health

Department of Diagnostic and Primary Care offers programs in clinical laboratory sciences. Discover program information and requirements.

Website: http://www.ttuhsc.edu/pages/cls/clshomepage.htm

Texas Tech University – School of Law

Review department bulletins, download instructions for specific classes, and explore details about admission requirements and the curriculum.

Website: http://www.law.ttu.edu/

Texas Tech University – Women’s Studies

Examine minor requirements, courses, a faculty list, and activities for the women’s studies program at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

Website: http://www.hs.ttu.edu/womensstudies/

Texas Tech University System

Find an overview of the Texas Tech University system and link to the official athletics and alumni centers for the school.

Website: http://www.texastech.edu/

Texas Tech University, Lubbock – Family Medicine

Department of Family and Community Medicine details residency and postdoctoral curriculums. Meet the faculty and find health resources.

Website: http://www.ttuhsc.edu/pages/fammed/deptpage.html

Texas Technical University – Agricultural Economics

Skim an overview of degrees in agricultural economics offered by this school in Lubbock, Texas. Connect to department pages.

Website: http://www.casnr.ttu.edu/#AGECO

Texas Technical University – Agricultural Science

Skim the guidelines for BS, MS and PhD degrees in agricultural science from this school in Lubbock, Texas. Connect to news and student groups.

Website: http://www.ttu.edu/~agred/

Texas Technical University – College of Architecture

Details programs sponsored by the College of Architecture. Includes the Architecture Research Center, summer programs and affiliations.

Website: http://www.arch.ttu.edu/Architecture/architect.htm