Teplice, Czech Republic

Teplice, Czech Republic


Teplice, the oldest resort in Central Europe, is located in the foothills of the Ore Mountains, 90 km from Prague. Its thermal springs were known as early as 2000 years ago, and their use for the purpose of treatment was first documented in the 12th century. In the 18-19 centuries. the resort becomes a popular meeting place for European aristocratic and intellectual circles. “Little Paris ” – so they called it before, since many monarchs and diplomats were treated here. The Russian emperors Peter I, Alexander I and Nicholas I, as well as Chopin, Beethoven, Wagner, Goethe, Schopenhauer and many other historical personalities did not ignore Teplice. Check liuxers for customs and traditions of Czech Republic.

The main healing factor in Teplice is natural mineral water of sodium carbonate type with a fluorine content and a large number of trace elements and rare metals used for baths. In all sanatoriums of the resort, it is used primarily for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and vascular diseases. Also, good results are obtained in the treatment of post-traumatic conditions and the treatment of children with impaired motor functions as a result of damage to the central nervous system.

How to get there

Flight to Karlovy Vary, then about an hour by taxi (3100-3850 CZK). In 1 hour 45 minutes you can get from Karlovy Vary to Teplice by train (departure – every hour, ticket price 102-180 CZK).

Teplice Hotels

Sanatoriums in Teplice are very cozy and intimate. The proximity of the botanical gardens provides excellent air “from the balcony”. The clinics are designed for a small number of guests, so there is never a “dense population” feeling here.

Indications for spa treatment

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system: disorders of inflammatory and degenerative origin, vertebrogenic syndrome, diseases of the muscles and ligaments, conditions after injuries and operations on the musculoskeletal system, congenital orthopedic defects, scoliosis, juvenile and chronic arthritis
  • vascular diseases: peripheral vascular diseases, conditions after thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, conditions after operations on the vascular system, occupational vasoneurosis, hypertension of 1-3 degrees
  • nervous diseases: conditions after paralysis, conditions after operations on the spine and brain, multiple sclerosis, congenital paralysis, cerebral palsy, movement disorders after inflammation of the brain or spinal cord, muscle diseases
  • psychosis in remission, nervous disorders

In addition, the resort can improve your health with a wide range of treatments for relaxation and relaxation.

Healing springs in Teplice

For medicinal purposes, the natural mineral water of two thermal springs is used – Pravrzhidlo and Ginie.

Natural healing source Pravrzhidlo: medium-mineralized water of sulfate-hydrocarbonate-sodium type with a high content of fluorine, thermal, hypotonic. Temperature +38 °C, total mineralization – 1026 mg / l.

Natural healing spring Ginie: medium mineralized water of sulfate-hydrocarbonate-sodium type with high fluorine content, thermal, hypotonic. Temperature +44 °C, total mineralization – 1319 mg / l.

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Basic treatments in Teplice

  • therapeutic water procedures: thermal baths, underwater massages, hydromassage, carbonic baths, whirlpool baths (general or for upper and lower extremities), individual pool, group pool, pearl bath, sharko shower, contrast foot bath, bath with the addition of salts and herbs
  • physical rehabilitation: individual exercises, group exercises, coordination, stretching
  • massage: partial reflex massage, general reflex massage
  • electrotherapy: magnetotherapy, endomed, diadynamic current, interference currents with vacuum massage, ultrasonotherapy, ultrasound, laser, solux
  • thermotherapy: paraffin wraps, lavatherapy, cryotherapy, mud complex (peloid wrap)
  • additional procedures: Thai massage, solarium, pulse-signal therapy, drinking course of Bilinskaya mineral water, Nutergia biocourse

Drinking course “Bilinsky sour mineral water” – this weekly course of treatment is prescribed to stabilize the internal environment and digestive tract when taking medications for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, disorders of uric acid metabolism, disorders of the stomach and upper colon, for the treatment of inflammatory diseases upper and lower respiratory tract and other diseases. Bilinskaya mineral water is drunk twice a day, the total daily dose is 0.7 liters.

Peloid wrap is a topical application of heated mud from the Dead Sea. The mud is applied directly to the affected part of the body, smoothly transferring heat into the body. It is used primarily for local heating and relaxation of muscles, reducing pain and skin diseases.

Biocourse “Nutergia” is prescribed strictly individually based on the analysis of the patient’s metabolic relief (calculated on a computer). Based on the intake of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. The course is indicated for all patients suffering from chronic diseases, increased fatigue, as well as chronic stress.

Features of treatment

The recommended duration of treatment is 3 weeks, the minimum stay is a week.

As a rule, the standard treatment program includes:

  • meals (full board)
  • medical examination upon admission
  • 21 treatments per week (Monday to Saturday) as recommended by the doctor
  • control medical examination once a week if the stay lasts at least 15 nights
  • drinking course of Bilinskaya mineral water
  • final medical examination.

If you are planning to go to Teplice not for treatment, but just to relax and unwind, you can purchase one of the many wellness programs. Such programs usually include an initial and final medical examination, as well as a package of relaxation services (thermal baths, various types of massages, visits to the thermal pool, fitness center, etc.). Additional purchase of medical procedures is also possible. And for those who want to take a break from work in 2-3 days, relax and at the same time strengthen their health, relaxation programs for the weekend are intended.

Attractions and attractions in Teplice

Duchtsov Castle, Osek, the Baroque Church of St. Peter and Paul, Krupka are just some of the sights that Teplice offers its tourists. Fans of interesting walks will definitely like the cable car to the top of Mount Komáří Vižka.

Fans of an active pastime can play golf, tennis or squash at the resort, visit the swimming pool with a water slide, recharge their batteries in the fitness club or go for a bike ride around the resort’s surroundings. For music lovers, Teplice hosts concerts by the North Bohemian Philharmonic, various music festivals and outdoor concerts throughout the season.

Teplice, Czech Republic