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Podcasts and Songs to Listen to in the Gym

Attending a gym with assiduity may be very easy for some people, but considering the huge dropout rate in the first few months of workout, I think most people prefer to exercise their mind. We are all thirsty for information, emotions, novelties and other things that generate pleasure. Working out and exercising physically also generates some… Read more »

Sony Announces New Smartphone that Records Videos Underwater

Sony announced on Monday (13) a new smartphone with 4.6-inch screen and the ability to shoot with 13 megapixel resolution and shoot at high resolution (HD) underwater. Unlike the Xperia Z, Sony’s most advanced smartphone currently on the market, the Xperia ZR supports full immersion in water for a period indicated without damaging the internal… Read more »

TOP 10: Bracelets And Necklaces For Men

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) OOPS, more Launch through here, good thing too! The Key Design presented your new website and to celebrate and showcase their new bracelets and Necklaces for men, we decided to bring in a TOP 10 cool of these accessories. OH! And have DISCOUNT COUPON exclusive to who is Male reader. Bora by post view, be inspired and enjoy?

Having a Gadget with USB Type-C

The new USB connection standard – simply named Type-C – certainly made many geeks excited.It differs from the others by being reversible, that is, it does not have a specific side to be connected to a port (something that had already happened a long time ago with Lightning , a standard for Apple devices only).

LG G6 Comes With QHD + Display

Before a new smartphone appears on the market, especially in the network are mainly rumors rather than facts. But now a subsidiary of LG has confirmed that the new model G6 is to be equipped with a QHD+ display. Even before the new Bolide is officially presented, this highlight proves to be true. The display is even to… Read more »

RAM Booster and Cleaner

RAM Booster & Cleaner is a free application for Android that promises to clean the memory of the smartphone in order to make it faster.To work on this optimization, it can also finish tasks and other apps that are running in the foreground or background.

Smartphone Market

For technology enthusiasts won’t be nothing new to learn that the smartphone market is going through a difficult period. The feeling is that, among the so-called “top”, if not all, have disappointed the expectations of selling. This feeling was confirmed by Charles Arthur, the Guardian journalist responsible for the technology section, which analyzed the latest quarterly of the leading manufacturers of smartphones… Read more »