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Models in Skirts with Prints

Models Of Printed Skirts-Trends The skirts are some of the most beautiful pieces that women can use and abuse during the warmer and beloved of the year, the summer. Short or long, rounds or fair, smooth or stamped, it doesn’t matter, the important thing and bet this piece so feminine and beautiful that lends itself perfectly… Read more »

Black Leggings

Hello darlings, This project has a timeless proposal or at least a five-year shelf life, which is a giant time lapse in terms of fashion. Here I have presented four pieces of clothing that can be considered pieces of a perfect wardrobe. They are: Jeans Shirt, White Regatta, Long Black Skirt and White Shirt. Can we move on to the next one?

Dresses for Work Get to Know the Outfits

The models of dresses to work in the summer are beautiful and arrive in very light fabrics and models that provide a lot of freshness and elegance. The work environment is a place where you must be dressed with taste and discretion, and following the current fashion, you can choose beautiful pieces that will guarantee a sophisticated… Read more »

Dresses for Debutants Valse

The debutante waltz dresses are beautiful and come in so many models, charming, elegant and powerful, and simply inexplicable, guaranteeing the girls a look of the fairy tales. With always super-rounded skirts, with a lot of volume, with tulles, frills and overlays, with embroidery, draped, pleats, applications, pedraria, differentiated necklines and many other details, these dresses guarantee… Read more »

Dresses Night Long For Young People

Hi friend, how are you? In this new article, I have made a compilation of the most modern long dresses for different parties or important events which are carried out at night. Keep in mind that these dresses are excellent for most young women, so that you don’t see them.

Leather Skirts Fashion

The leather is a spectacular fashion trend to incorporate in dresses, jeans or tops. But today of leather skirts look more. Original, fun, sexy and attractive, the texture gives a nice touch to the skirt and stylized costumes. This then will show you some leather skirts models which are very fashionable this year.

Jeans in Holidays: How to Use

Certainly, all the women are already worried sick with the choice of clothes for holidays. The night of Christmas and new year are the moments when we all get together to celebrate. When it comes to party, nothing better than to adopt appropriate to her looks. So, many women have preference for more sophisticated parts, do you want to… Read more »

Fashion Jeans

The fashion jeans 2012 will rescue some trends of past seasons and introduce new models for the next year. The idea is to innovate the visual of men and women, helping them compose casual yet comfortable looks that can be used in daily life. The jeans is something you never fall out of fashion and combines with all… Read more »