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Google Relaunches Online Advertising Platform

The Google today announced the re – launch of DoubleClick, company advertising online which was acquired in March 2008 by the search giant. Almost two years later, engineers from both companies Relaunch advertising platform, now integrated with Google had already developed to AdManager.

Google Stock Depletes Notebook with Chrome OS

Without much fanfare, the Google ended its free distribution program notebooks Cr-48first gadget officially equipped with Chrome OS in the world. Begun last December, the delivery of the equipment only happened in the US and was part of the last tests of the light-weight operating system before its official arrival in the market, which should… Read more »

Google Maps Transit Covers Five Cities in Brazil

Convenience is one of the reasons that make Americans use Bing in the United States has a number of cool features that the all powerful Google has not – not the same, at least. Here in Brazil the chat is another: Google announced this week that five cities will have live traffic information on Google… Read more »

Gmail is Further Integrated with Google+ (or Vice Versa)

Today Google announced what it says is “a better experience notifications by email Google+”. In its official blog, the company shows what it meant: from now on Google+ will have a custom interface for those who choose to receive notifications in their inboxes. Through it you can answer direct posts in Gmail without even opening… Read more »

Google+ Welcomes for Companies

Of the gates Google + is now open for business. The on Monday Google announced that corporations are finally accepted in the social network that should replace the Orkut over time (although they themselves deny this information). Google+ Pages was released and must appear for users very soon.

Google Takes Another Victory in the Brazilian Courts

The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) decided on Wednesday (14/09) that Google Brazil does not have the obligation to prior control over the messages posted on Orkut. One user requested in court the compensation for moral damages after being the target of offenses published on pages of the social network.   The decision of the… Read more »

How Would the Google Search Engine with Material Design

With Android 5.0 Lollipop, the Google revealed the material design, new visual language inspired by real – world materials like paper sheets, to establish the behavior of the interface elements and give a sense of depth. The main Google applications have adopted the material design. But what if the company followed the same style in… Read more »