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Wood carvings, trays, gourds, bows and arrows, hammocks, wickerwork, pottery and jewelry. Shop opening times: Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.30pm, Sat 7.30am-1pm.



In Paramaribo, some hotels have nightclubs where you can dance. A few nightclubs and several cinemas, including a drive-in cinema, offer further evening entertainment. The Local Events Bulletin, available at most hotels, contains a calendar of events.

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Local specialties include Indonesian rijstafel with rice (boiled or fried), well seasoned meat and vegetable side dishes, nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) and bami goreng (Indonesian fried noodles). Creole dishes such as pom (mashed tayer root and poultry), pastei (chicken pie with vegetables) and peanut soup are also tasty. Indian dishes like roti (a type of flatbread) served with chicken curry and potatoes, and Chinese dishes like chow mein and chop suey are also available. Moksi Meti (mixed meats on rice) is a local specialty. Drinks: Dawet (coconut milk drink), Gember beer (Creole ginger drink) and Pilsner Parbo beer are local specialties.



In Paramaribo there are modern, air-conditioned hotels. Advance booking is recommended due to limited room capacity. 10% is added to bills for service. There are also several inns and guesthouses available, the Tourist Office can provide more information. Outside the capital and Nieuw Nickerie there are only a few hotels and restaurants and you should bring your own hammock and groceries.


The inland resorts of Cola Kreek, Blaka Watra, Zandery 1 and Republiek offer picnic areas and camping/swimming spots.

Other accommodation options

In Paramaribo, on Heerenstraat, there is a YWCA/YMCA hostel.



47% Christian, 27% Hindu, 20% Muslim, 5% followers of indigenous religions.

Social Rules of Conduct

Casual attire is appropriate in most cases. Women should wear long pants on trips inland. Swimwear belongs on the beach or swimming pool. Photography: Public buildings, military installations or police stations should not be photographed. It is always best to ask permission before photographing people. Tipping: Hotels charge 10-15% for service, and some restaurants also charge 10%. Taxi drivers do not expect tips.


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Tropical climate moderated by trade winds. Rainy seasons from December to January and April to July. The best travel time is the dry season from February to April.

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584,659 (Source: homosociety)

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Suriname flag vs map