Summer Sessions in the UK

Summer Sessions in the UK


One of the most common misconceptions about the UK is that it practically always rains there. Visitors who nevertheless venture to the United Kingdom in the summer months are pleasantly surprised by the mild climate on the one hand. On the other hand, about what is offered to students during a summer session in Great Britain.

Metropolis with millions of inhabitants and picturesque coastal landscapes

The big cities of the country exude their very own flair, especially in summer. Above all, the metropolis of London is multicultural, crazy and full of life. Flea markets, festivals and concerts take place in the streets. Londoners relax from the hustle and bustle of the city with a picnic in one of the numerous parks. Many English people are drawn to the coasts of the country in the summer months.

To the south of London, sandy beaches and seaside resorts such as Brighton promise relaxation for the city dwellers. On the southwest coast with its dramatic cliffs and hidden small bays, there is a partly Mediterranean climate. Because of the warm air brought by the North Atlantic Current, Cornwall’s famous botanical gardens even grow tropical plants and palm trees.

Nature and culture in the UK

If you want to take a trip into the long history of England as part of a summer session, you can visit small historic fishing villages or one of the numerous old castles, cathedrals and pagan places of worship.

Nature and history lovers will also get their money’s worth in Scotland and Wales. The picturesque lakes, blooming heathlands, misty moors and rugged mountain ranges in national parks have already inspired artists such as William Wordsworth and Jane Austen. Even today, the region has a lively art and culture scene and of course many traditional pubs where you can relax from the hardships of a hike.

Reasons for a summer session in the UK

If you want to convince yourself of the advantages of the British summer and also want to gain international study experience, you should take a look at the summer sessions of the English and Scottish universities.

Compared to the USA, the summer sessions at British universities are often more structured. Students don’t just choose one or two courses from a large course catalog, but the summer sessions – or summer schools, as they are often called in Great Britain – often revolve around a specific topic with a fixed range of courses. Above all, summer schools are offered in the fields of art and design, business administration or linguistics and cultural studies, such as fine art photography, textile design, international marketing or creative writing. Often the summer school program also includes excursions and other leisure activities designed to bring international students closer to the chosen topic and culture of England.

The duration of a summer session in Great Britain is usually less than in the USA or Canada. Most summer programs cover a period of one to three weeks in which the students deal intensively with their topic, so the summer schools can be viewed as a compressed semester abroad in Great Britain. To learn more about United Kingdom and Europe, please visit printerhall.

Participation in a British summer school in England or Great Britain offers international students a unique opportunity to further their education in a certain area and to immerse themselves in the flair of such hip cities as London or Edinburgh. Plus, with students from all over the world attending the summer schools, summer in the UK is a truly international experience where you can make lots of new friends. Attending a summer school in Great Britain also looks good on your résumé. Finally, it gives students the opportunity to gain university experience abroad without extending their study time.

The credit points acquired during the summer session in Great Britain can even be counted towards studying at home if you have agreed in advance. Participation in a summer school in Great Britain also signals a high level of commitment and intercultural competence to later employers.

Summer School Great Britain: requirements

The application requirements for a summer program in England depend on the type of program chosen. At many universities, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have been enrolled at a German university for a year in order to take part in the summer program in England. In some cases, a certain minimum grade point average is required at the home university.

Other programs are also open to participants aged 16 and over, so that pupils from upper secondary schools can also take part.

In any case, however, applicants must have sufficient English language skills, which can usually be proven in a standardized language test such as the IELTS or TOEFL.

Costs and financing options for a summer session in Great Britain

Tuition fees for summer schools in England and Scotland range from £ 900 to £ 3,000, depending on the length and type of program. “Complete packages” are also offered at some universities, which include accommodation in the dormitory and meals in addition to the lessons. These offers typically cost between £ 1,900 and £ 3,500.

Those who pay for the dorm room separately can expect costs of between GBP 50 and GBP 180 per week. The prices are calculated, among other things, according to whether you want to book a single room or multi-bed room and what amenities the dormitory offers.

The other living costs depend on the place of residence and the type and number of leisure activities. Basically, the cost of living in England is higher than in Germany. In general, however, you can live quite well with between GBP 800 and GBP 1,000 a month.

Unfortunately, almost no funding programs or grants are offered for summer sessions and summer schools. But the short journey and the relatively low travel costs make the summer sessions in Great Britain attractive from a financial point of view. Many German airports now offer very cheap flights to Great Britain. Those who finance their studies with a student loan may have the opportunity to finance the summer sessions with a one-time special payment.

UK Visa and Entry Requirements

Another advantage of the Summer Sessions in England is that German citizens do not need a visa. An identity card or passport is sufficient for entry.

Thanks to the European Social Insurance Agreement, EU citizens in England are also automatically insured through the National Health Service (NHS). However, you have to register in good time so that there are no problems with the assumption of costs in the event of illness. Since the NHS does not cover the costs that the German health insurance would cover in all cases, additional foreign health insurance can also make sense for the time in England.

Summer Sessions in the UK