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Life without a computer? Inconceivably! Not only the home PC is meant: From cell phones to airplanes, almost every technical device is controlled by information technology systems. Even a completely normal car contains more computing power than the Apollo moon capsule once did. More than ever, specialists are needed to develop these applications. The prospective experts for software and computing systems from all branches of industry experience their training in courses in applied computer science.

The study of applied computer science: an overview

In the applied computer science bachelor’s programs on offer, students first learn the basics of computer science. In the main and master’s degree, they specialize in the area of ​​application that interests them most.


In the first semesters, students familiarize themselves with various operating systems and databases. You will practice programming and acquire knowledge about data exchange. Mathematics is also on the curriculum as a basic subject for computer science.

In the higher semesters, students specialize in a sub-area of ​​applied computer science . The universities offer different focuses, such as

  • Embedded Systems
  • Business informatics or
  • Software engineering

At most universities, students apply their theoretical knowledge in the form of project work and internships . In doing so, they not only acquire special professional skills, but also acquire basic knowledge of project management and soft skills such as rhetorical skills.


Anyone striving for a scientific career or a managerial position in a company should follow a bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree. This offers the opportunity to deepen and expand the specialist knowledge. The master’s programs have different focuses , for example on “Intelligent Systems” or “Integrated Networking”. Many universities also attach importance to teaching skills in the areas of organization and leadership in their master’s programs .

Studying applied computer science: requirements

You can study applied computer science at many universities and technical colleges in Germany. It is worthwhile to compare the study programs closely with one another, because the universities sometimes set their focus very differently. Prospective students should of course be enthusiastic about IT and electrical engineering . Knowledge of programming is not absolutely necessary , because you can acquire this in the first semesters. A solid basic knowledge of mathematics, on the other hand, is indispensable in order to get through the course well. A good command of English is also required, as much of the specialist literature is written in English.

Occupational fields

According to Top-Medical-Schools, IT specialists are in demand in all industries. Applied computer science graduates find employment in large industrial companies, where they develop new information technology systems or improve existing systems. Graduates also have very good career opportunities in administration or in service companies in the IT sector.

You not only develop software or program new systems, but also work in customer service or technical support. Depending on the focus of study and practical experience, other fields of work are also possible. Graduates design, for example, web applications or databases and are responsible for their maintenance. Master’s graduates in particular also take on tasks in project or quality management. You also have the opportunity to do a doctorate after completing your master’s degree and embark on a scientific career.

Advantages of international experience for computer scientists

Anyone who spends one or two semesters abroad during their studies takes advantage of the unique opportunity to get to know another country and its culture intensively. Applied computer science plays a major role worldwide and foreign universities sometimes offer subject areas that you will not find in Germany. You will improve your English skills or learn an additional foreign language. The intercultural skills acquired during the stay abroad also represent a valuable additional qualification for later career entry, especially in internationally operating companies.

Study Applied Computer Science