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Many people take pills for headaches, colds and allergies. But pain killers, antibiotics and the like are controversial. Over half of Germans now rely on alternative forms of treatment. Herbal medicine and acupuncture are among the most popular healing methods, but traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy are also becoming increasingly popular.

The procedures of alternative medicine are characterized by their holistic approach : In this sense, the human being is a unity of body, soul and environment. Diseases result from an imbalance between these parts. When treating the sick, the main thing is to activate the body’s own self-healing powers. For example, meditation and forms of movement such as Qi Gong are used to prevent diseases.

In the meantime, alternative treatment methods are also gaining increasing recognition in western conventional medicine. Many doctors now use them in addition to traditional therapies. For this reason, the term complementary medicine is increasingly used here instead of alternative medicine. The universities are also paying tribute to this development and are now increasingly offering courses in the field of complementary medicine.

Study programs in the field of alternative medicine

The bachelor programs are primarily aimed at trained alternative practitioners . But also for physiotherapists, pharmacists and pharmaceutical- technical assistants, it is advisable to continue their education in the programs on the subject of alternative medicine. Occasionally there are also bachelor programs on offer that can be completed without prior training and prepare for the alternative practitioner examination.

The master’s courses are primarily aimed at doctors who want to train in the field of complementary medicine. Some degree programs are also open to graduates from other degree programs in the field of health sciences . Many of the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs on offer are designed to be part-time.


In the bachelor’s degree, students learn the basics of alternative medicine . At the beginning there are mainly medical subjects such as anatomy and pathology on the curriculum. You will also get to know the different approaches of naturopathic procedures. Depending on the study program and university, they choose a focus and specialize in homeopathy or European naturopathy, for example. In addition to medical expertise, the universities also offer modules such as medical law or practice management . These prepare the students comprehensively for later self-employment.


The master’s courses offer doctors, alternative practitioners, psychotherapists and graduates from other health science courses the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of complementary medicine. Most colleges offer programs that focus on a particular healing method , such as traditional Chinese medicine or manual medicine. Legal, economic and ethical aspects also play a role in the course.

Studying Alternative Medicine: Personal Skills

According to Usprivateschoolsfinder, the interest in alternative healing methods and a holistic view of people are of course basic requirements for studying complementary medicine. For the course, applicants should bring along scientific knowledge that is necessary to understand the medical content. Since some of the specialist literature is only available in English, a good knowledge of English is advantageous.

After graduation: career opportunities

As alternative healing methods are becoming increasingly popular, the career opportunities for graduates are also good . Anyone who has completed a primary qualifying bachelor’s degree in order to become an alternative practitioner must pass the “medical examination for the practice of medicine” at the health department after completing their studies. Only then are graduates allowed to practice as alternative practitioners in an external or their own practice.

For doctors , the advanced training in the field of alternative healing methods means a valuable additional qualification . The knowledge acquired can increase the prestige of your own practice and attract completely new customer bases. Clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation centers are also increasingly employing doctors with knowledge of complementary medicine.

Health scientists with a degree in alternative medicine can advise health insurance companies and companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries on alternative healing methods. You can also work as a specialist journalist or work in associations and publishers. Master’s degrees are often open to managerial positions. They can also pursue an academic career.

Reasons for studying abroad

Many of the alternative healing methods known here come from outside Europe. A study visit to the respective countries offers students the unique opportunity to gain intensive insights into the local healing arts and way of life . In addition to the technical knowledge, the foreign language skills and intercultural skills gained in the process represent valuable additional qualifications.

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