Services Offered by Universities in the UK

Services Offered by Universities in the UK


When it comes to the internationality of its universities, the United Kingdom can look back on a long tradition. More than half a million international students each year come to the British Isles to there a study abroad to complete

You will receive first aid with orientation from the central contact points for international students, who are available to answer any questions you may have. Numerous service points provide extensive support and advice.

The range of services and the well-organized campus life in Great Britain also encourage international students to quickly settle in and make friends.

International Office

International students should feel more than comfortable at British universities and ideally let Great Britain become a second home. For this reason, there are special service facilities that are designed to advise students on all aspects of their studies abroad – from arrival to culture shock.

The International Office, also known as the International Student Office, is the first point of contact for students from all over the world. The International Office team is always available on campus on weekdays to help with questions about how to get there or with the application for a student ID.

The International Office also provides students with information on all topics that are important to international students while studying abroad.

The most important points on which the International Office advises include the following topics:

  • Student jobs
  • Transport
  • Language support
  • Council Tax
  • Health insurance
  • Apartment Search.

At almost every university there are also students who work as University Welcome Ambassadors or International Student Ambassadors. They help new students with tips from their own wealth of experience. For example, with the following questions: How can I quickly settle into my new home? What is there to watch out for on and around the campus? What opportunities are there to participate in campus life?

The International Student Ambassadors often take on the pick-up service from the airport or guide new students across campus. They are represented with stands on campus during the entire Orientation Week.

Orientation Week

The UK Universities International Office organizes an orientation week a week or two before the start of the regular semester. During Orientation Week, Welcome Week or O-Week, events, excursions and leisure activities for international and local students take place across the campus.

The Orientation Week is the best opportunity to get to know at an early stage, the university and the services available in the UK. To learn more about United Kingdom and Europe, please visit thedressexplorer. The extensive campaigns of Orientation Week help students to get to know the locations of service offers such as the library, academic advising and the IT center.

Each department is represented by a Study Abroad Program Coordinator. These support you in choosing a course or changing courses. The staff of the International Office help all Erasmus and semester students to fill out the documents required for the exchange.

In addition to the employees of the International Office, many other representatives of service offers will be present during Orientation Week. On site, there are also contact persons from the university student residences who answer questions about accommodation, and the Students ‘Union Officers who present what the Students’ Union has to offer.

Students’ Union / Students’ Guild / Students’ Association

Not only the universities and colleges in Great Britain have a proud history. The Students’ Unions have also been firmly established at British universities for many centuries. Depending on the place of study, the Students’ Union is also called the Students’ Guild or Students’ Association.

The Students’ Union is a student-to-student service in the UK. It supports everyday student life and represents the entirety of the students. The Students ‘Union is headed by the newly elected Students’ Union Officers.

In addition, the Students’ Union usually offers an advisory service and many activities for students. In the Students’ Union building there are mostly cafes, shops, bars, consultation rooms and leisure rooms in which students can participate in sports, creative or political societies.

All Students’ Unions are organized regionally, but some are also represented in national networks in the United Kingdom. These include the National Union of Students and the National Postgraduate Committee. In addition, the Students’ Unions of the Russell Group member universities are networked with one another.

Counseling services for students in the UK

International students also receive all the other important information they need with regard to the upcoming study abroad from the extensive advisory services. The service offerings of the university in Great Britain have contact persons for each area or a separate institution to which the international students can turn.

Academic Advising

Whether student ambassador or academic advisor – at the beginning of their studies abroad, the individual faculties usually provide international students with a contact person for all academic questions. They help with course selection, time management or the creation of a timetable and with any problems during your studies.

At almost every university, international students receive tips on how to write academic papers in a writing center. There you can also have your homework checked linguistically and stylistically. There are usually drop-in hours for academic advising. This means that students can visit an Academic Advisor without having to make an appointment in advance. Academic supervisors often refer international students to other positions within the university.

Career Service

Anyone who would like advice on professional orientation while studying abroad can get advice from the Career Service. Workshops, trade fairs and internships are advertised and arranged here.

Some career services in the UK even offer personal coaching such as a fictitious assessment center. In order to be adequately prepared for a later career, the Career Service provides students with the following support:

  • Help with creating the application portfolio
  • Help with finding a job
  • Workshops
  • Placement of internships
  • Fictitious job interviews and assessment centers
  • Job fairs.

Student Counseling Service / Mental Health and Wellbeing

There is a whole range of help offers for all students who are going through a difficult phase in their life, who have to deal with a traumatic experience or who are plagued by panic exam anxiety. The Student Counseling Service and the Mental Health and Wellbeing facility help with individual discussions, workshops, group therapies and help with self-help.

At many universities there is also an online peer-to-peer support group through which affected students can anonymously exchange information with one another. Support groups exist, for example, for students with eating disorders, LGBTQ students and students with chronic illnesses or impairments.

Some universities also have a nightline. This is a free hotline that students can use to get advice about their problems anonymously.

Further services from universities in Great Britain

In addition to the other service offers, there are positions that are particularly aimed at students with specific needs. There is special support so that students with children, disabilities, chronic illnesses or learning disorders can also achieve their desired academic performance abroad.

Anyone who wants to take advantage of additional help, the so-called Additional Learning Support, is first asked in a conversation and then receives a specific action plan. This plan is tailored to the individual needs of the students.

Students with disabilities should also contact the Disability Services at the respective university in order to obtain a separate parking permit, Disabled Students Parking, and help with finding accommodation.

At many British universities, the Childcare Service arranges a daycare place, day care and family-friendly apartments near the university for students with children.

Depending on the university or college, other services are also offered in Great Britain:

  • IT Services: Help with all technical questions such as advice on email usage, passwords, files, printers, internet access and much more
  • Fees and Finance Service: Regardless of whether it is about your own financial management, grants or loans. The Fees and Finance Service provides all the information you need to know about financing your studies in Great Britain.
  • Security Service: Here, students receive advice on their personal security on and around the campus.
  • Sports, Exercise and Health: Contact point for sports facilities, activities and clubs as well as for a healthy lifestyle and sports medicine questions.
  • Accommodation Service: Support and help with questions about accommodation, regardless of whether students live in the university’s own dormitories or in a private apartment.

Services Offered by Universities in the UK