San Jose State University Review (11)

San Jose State University Review (11)

North America

University: San Jose State University

City: San Jose

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

San Jose, a very livable city with the possibility to travel a lot and get to know the country.

To the University:

It is not always easy to get into the courses that you would like to attend, but with skillful negotiation with the professors it usually works very well. And if not, there are plenty of other courses as well. So don’t get stuck on any courses before you’re even there as it most likely won’t work.
A very beautiful, very well-kept park-like campus area with a gym, pool and event building. There is also the possibility to play in the university orchestra after a successful audition. Visit to get information about Universidad Del Salvador.

In 5 months (August-December) it only rained about 3 times and not longer than 20 minutes (in total). So mostly sunny.
It’s a big city, but it doesn’t feel like a million metropolis. San Francisco is 90 minutes by train but about 45 minutes by car. However, San Jose is always 10 degrees warmer than SF.
Nice city but not the student party city. You can always find a party when you want it, but you won’t feel the need to party every night.
I was lucky that not too many Germans were there, which is why I chose San Jose. But the number of Germans will likely vary each year.


There is the possibility to move into the new student halls of residence, which I was one of the first to move into in 2005.
Located on campus, of course, and if you’re lucky with a view of the pool. Very cool WG’s either in a 2-bed room for about 600 € or for 90 $ more single room.


Not essential if you live on campus, but very useful.
At http: // you can find a lot more besides cars and apartments.
Car costs: Purchase (approx. $2000-2600), insurance approx. $180, parking on campus $190 Registration approx. 10% of the purchase price. Driver’s license (not essential) $25.

In a nutshell, I really enjoyed my time in SJ and was able to gain a lot of valuable experience.

San Jose State University Review (11)