San Diego State University Review (58)

San Diego State University Review (58)

North America

University: San Diego State University

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

The application process is super easy via MicroEdu. I hadn’t even finally decided whether I really wanted to do the semester abroad when I just sent MicroEdu an email with a general enquiry. The employees are really very helpful and so one thing led to another and all of a sudden I filled out and submitted the application. The hardest part of the application is finding the required documents (transcript of records, learning agreements, etc.). If something is unclear, you can simply call your responsible advisor, for me every call was really helpful. Visit to get information about Griffith College Dublin study abroad program.

Apartment Search:

In my opinion, looking for an apartment is by far the most strenuous and tricky item on the to-do list. I had temporary accommodation for the first six nights organized and had almost seven days to find something permanent. One day before I had to leave my place, I found my future roommate on a Facebook page who was looking for a roommate. We then wrote around a bit to see if living together would work out and the next day we signed the rental agreement. Then we lived with six boys in a really great house near SDSU with a big garden and two living rooms. A Dane, two Austrians, a German and a Swede lived there next to me. I’m really thankful for my roommates because they were ultimately the people I did everything with. You really have to be aware of thatsemester abroad is also influenced to a large extent by the people you experience it with. I paid $700 for my shared room, which was not much compared to other people. If I had the decision to look for an apartment again, I would do it the same way again. A good apartment alternative is the BLVD63. From my point of view, the disadvantage is that it is a bit too far away from the campus.


As you will quickly notice, the SDSU distinguishes between business courses and general courses. If your studies include economics, the business courses are probably a better option for you. I’m studying industrial engineering and decided to take the business courses. However, you have two courses that only consist of international students. These are good ways to make friends.

It should be noted that you have to take 12 units to be eligible for the visa at all. However, you have to pay extra for each additional unit, so it is best to take exactly 12 units. Apart from that, I would definitely recommend you to take the surf course. This is offered by Mission Bay Aquatic Center and costs around $160. It is also important to attend the induction sessions to understand how to choose courses, use the Black Board, etc.


The recreational opportunities in San Diego and Southern California in general are really incredible and were the decisive factor for me to do the semester abroad. In addition to the trips that have already been described so often ( Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tijuana, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, etc.), there are also an incredible number of options for going out in San Diego. The options for going out are listed below:


There are numerous clubs in the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego, such as the Omnia, Parq, Fluxx or Oxford Social Club. Downtown clubs require a specific dress code and are generally fancier than Pacific Beach.

Pacific Beach:

As mentioned above, Pacific Beach is the much more relaxed way to go out. There is really something going on every day of the week and every day has its own motto. The most popular day is Tuesday, the “Taco Tuesday”. Many people go out for tacos on this day and then go to a club afterwards, usually the Backyard or Duck Dive.

College Area:

The College Area is of course the most original nightlife option. The so-called fraternities organize parties in their fraternity houses, which actually take place every day. Having said that, it’s very hard for guys to get into the parties, so if you’re really more interested in experiencing frat parties, you might want to consider joining one.


Overall, I really have to say that the semester abroad at SDSU was the best time of my life. You develop socially and linguistically and learn to deal with problems in a more relaxed manner. Unfortunately it is not so easy to summarize the experiences of five months in one text. So if you want to know more details, you can send me an email ( I would then try to help you as much as I can to make your time as memorable as mine was.

San Diego State University Review (58)