San Diego State University Review (55)

San Diego State University Review (55)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

Studying in San Diego, especially in terms of MBA courses, is unfortunately difficult to compare with that in Germany. In contrast to eg 20 management models in one semester in D, you only learn 5 there, but then you learn them correctly. So it’s not about pushing in and out in an exam like in D, but you learn less quantitatively. But the focus is on the application, ie papers, presentations, case studies, which I personally like better. In contrast to D, however, you have to work continuously there in order to bring an A or B home with you at the end. A few more points and tips:

  • Group work: especially in MBA courses, most of the fellow students are mostly older (late 20s to early 40s), and group work is part of almost every subject. With many working full-time, group meetings at weekends are sometimes unavoidable. Even if you find it difficult, you should do your best in the group, as there is often a team evaluation at the end of the semester, ie the group members evaluate each other’s achievements against the professor, who incorporates this into the individual grades. Visit to get information about Auckland University of Technology study abroad program.
  • The thing about crashing: During the introduction, the following is said: “Don’t panic, at the beginning all courses are full, but after 3 weeks you’ll be able to get into most of them”. After the first week, many then think: “Yes, of course, they are all full, that will never work”. But I got into my 4 favorite courses, for example, 3 of which were more than full at the beginning.
  • Use the library: You should buy (sometimes several) books for many subjects, some of them cost over $50. One way to save is to buy the books used, which you should do as early as possible, but of course you don’t want to if you’re not sure about the course. An alternative that also costs less: go to the library right after the lecture: there are often one or two issues that you can borrow for a month. If you then take a friend with you who reserves the thing for the second month, you can be sure of the book for 2 months – free of charge. In addition, some lecturers offer books in the so-called reserve bookroom – these can then be borrowed for 24 hours or sometimes 3 days. That’s enough for simple weekly reading or for case writing.

If it’s supposed to be a new book: The SDSU Bookstore does price matching, ie you can look for the cheapest price on the Internet, print out the page (with URL, it will be checked) and show it at the checkout. Then you get it for the same low price.

  • Computer: If you want to work on a PC at the university: In the front area of ​​the library there is a small and a large computer room (in the basement). Unfortunately there is no MS Office on a large scale (only a viewer to look at), and on the small side the queues are often long. The large computer room in the back of the library helps, and there is always something free.
  • Parking: There is free parking on Montezuma near the Cox Arena on both sides and on the parallel street closer to the uni (one-way street) on the left, and it’s no further walking than the campus parking lots, where a permit is required per semester costs over $100. If all else fails: On College Ave, resident parking will also stop at some point, but then it’s about a 10-minute walk to the campus.

San Diego State University Review (55)