San Diego State University Review (53)

San Diego State University Review (53)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

The application process was easier than expected. Thanks to MicroEdu, enrolling at San Diego State University and prep was generally well organized and relatively stress free. Applying for a visa is also no problem at all. You should still plan enough time for the organization of the semester abroad, at least 6 months.

I applied for my visa in Frankfurt. I was totally stressed at first, because I thought, but I was only asked two questions and otherwise it was totally relaxed. Of course you have to have the requested documents with you. Visit to get information about Auckland University of Technology.

Applying for BAföG from the Studierendenwerk Hamburg, on the other hand, was more stressful. But everything worked out in time and they still cover up to 4600€ of the tuition fees. Tuition at San Diego State University for my Spring 2012 semester was $5700.

The cost of living and housing is also quite high in San Diego. But it’s definitely worth it!

The rent for a double room costs about 570 USD, a single room about 810 USD. Cheaper rooms are hard to find and if you do, I’d rather advise against them because they’re usually dirty or in poorer residential areas.

For the first few days I recommend the Banana Bungalow, a hostel in Pacific Beach. Above all, you get to know a lot of people directly and often also future fellow students.
When looking for an apartment you should plan about 7-14 days. Especially in the fall of the semester, when there are a lot of foreign students in San Diego.

I personally recommend a room in the college area. There you really get a feel for American student life. If you are looking for a flat share then with Americans or other international students, because there are so many German students here and otherwise you will not get to improve your English;-)

I stayed at the Sterling Collwood/ 5025. It wasn’t cheap, but it was definitely worth it! Here you can really experience American student life and live it. There was always a party somewhere or chilling at the pool with a barbecue. The hardworking ones went to the gym in the Sterling Collwoods/ 5025 clubhouse.

University wasn’t difficult either. It’s just time-consuming because there’s a lot to do… lots of papers, group work and tests. The midterms and finals are definitely doable. The books are relatively expensive here. I bought mine from Amazon or used from previous owners. The books directly on campus were much too expensive. So I advise against buying the books on campus. Even renting it on campus still costs a lot of money.

The class crashing was a bit annoying, but don’t go crazy here either! With us, every student has found the right course. The class crashing usually lasts two weeks and you just have to be patient during that time.

San Diego is absolutely beautiful! Life in sunny California is really a dream! Time goes by way too fast. So don’t schedule your return flight too early;-)

You should plan enough time to travel. I also traveled during the lecture period, but to see everything you should take 4 weeks before or after the start of your studies. There is definitely a lot to see in California, Nevada and Arizona. Las Vegas is definitely a must! A weekend trip with several people is perfect and not that expensive either! Admission for men is often USD 25-50 – women usually have free admission!;-)

Otherwise, I recommend an account with the DKB. You can withdraw cash there free of charge! But even those who have an account with the German bank can withdraw money from the Bank of America free of charge.

The weather is awesome, although it can get quite chilly in the evenings. So in any case, pack a thin jacket. In San Diego it was mostly 24-26 degrees, and always nice and sunny. However, the sea is quite cool. Perfect for surfers though!
Plan enough time! I’ve often been told… Time goes by way too fast! Enjoy every day on the Golden Coast! : 0)

Here are 2 links from current Facebook groups for Fall Semester 2012:

  • http: //
  • http: //

There are valuable tips and many questions answered by current students at San Diego State University. In addition, many sell their used books, cars and other things there. I found my apartment last semester through a Facebook group founded by students. It’s really a great thing for both of them : 0)

San Diego State University Review (53)