San Diego State University Review (30)

San Diego State University Review (30)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: media

Study type: semester abroad

San Diego State University is a state university in California. In contrast to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), the SDSU is not a partner university of the THD. I was still able to apply via MicroEdu without any problems and I always had a contact person for questions and problems throughout the entire process. I decided to study Television, Film and New Media. The campus is beautiful and with around 33,500 students, it is always very busy and simply huge. At first it was almost impossible not to get lost. So plan more time when you attend the first courses. I couldn’t dial into courses from Germany, but had to crash all the courses I wanted to take on site. However, this system was abolished in the semester after me. As an international student, I had absolutely no problems getting into any course and was received very nicely by the professors. I’ve already made email contact in advance to show my interest, which has definitely benefited me. The group size for most courses in the film degree program is a maximum of 20 participants. I only had one course, which was held in a large lecture hall with over 600 students.For the projects you get very professional equipment from the SDSU camera rental and you can contact the professors at any time.┬áVisit to get information about Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

I applied very late and got a place at the university at the last minute. This was only possible thanks to the great support from MicroEdu. As a result, I was only able to book my flight relatively late. I would recommend taking care of everything a little earlier. Finding an apartment on site turned out to be more difficult than expected, as hundreds of guest students were looking for accommodation in the summer just before the semester started are. I’ve scoured endless ads on craigslist and been to a great many viewings. Sharing with Americans was my priority, which made it difficult for me to find anything. Of course, I could have teamed up with other Germans in advance. In general, I would advise organizing an apartment before leaving. This saves a lot of time, stress and nerves. I also chose to live in Pacific Beach and put up with the 30 minute drive to the university. Since I lived near the university for the first 1.5 months, I can only recommend paying 100 dollars more and living on the beach. It is very difficult to get from A to B without a car, as public transport is not very good. I rented a car from Dirt Cheap Car for the whole time.


Explore and get lost! San Diego is one of the most beautiful places on the West Coast.The weather is always nice and the people are very relaxed and friendly. Traveling was not my first priority as I have already seen a lot of California and America. If you are there for the first time, you should definitely plan one or the other road trip. However, you don’t have to drive far at all, because there are also very nice places to discover in San Diego. You can let off steam in sports, whether surfing, stand-up paddling, jogging on the beach or hiking. You can’t avoid Taco Tuesdays, Acai Bowls and Mimosas either. Students get free tickets to the SDSU Aztecs football games, which is a must-see. As an ALI student, you can also use the gym 24/7 free of charge. The search for a parking space on campus can sometimes take a little longer. Despite the expensive semester parking ticket and several huge car parks, these are always completely full by 10 a.m. at the latest and you have to wait until someone drives away. You can do a few extra laps there. In order to avoid missing the lecture because of this, you should plan enough time depending on the timetable and be there a little earlier. Professors also like to make fun of embarrassing latecomers in front of the whole class. The drive to the university was always very pleasant for me. There is never rush hour traffic on the route from Pacific Beach to the university, it is almost always easy to get through. I couldn’t have imagined my time there without a car. Of course, life on the beach has its price. The cost of living in San Diego is very high. But when do you have it again? The cost of living in San Diego is very high. But when do you have it again? The cost of living in San Diego is very high. But when do you have it again?the chance to study and live where others vacation ? I had a wonderful time and gained experiences for life.

San Diego State University Review (30)