San Diego State University Review (3)

San Diego State University Review (3)

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Since I’m already doing my master’s degree and really wanted to do a semester abroad in California, it was exactly the right decision to go to San Diego State University. Since not all universities in California offer a Masters program, the decision was a little easier. As a sports student and very enthusiastic person, I especially felt at home in sporty San Diego and among the incredible number of surfers.
It is important to remember in advance that a semester abroad in San Diego is associated with a lot of costs. The tuition fees of almost 5000 euros alone have to be paid in advance or on arrival, and the rent and life in beautiful California are not the cheapest either. But it’s definitely worth it.

Before we start, there is a lot of organizational work that needs to be done. It struck me very positively that the support from MicroEDU was very good. If you had any questions, problems, difficulties or concerns, the employees were always available by email or phone and always helped you. Visit to get information about what score do i need on the GRE or GMAT.

I booked a hostel from Germany for the first week so that I could look for an apartment on site. This is quite easy on site and the search is made easier by the many Facebook groups. Before that, the question arises whether you would rather live in the college area or in the beach area. Both have their advantages, but I would always prefer to stay in Pacific Beach or Mission Beach on the beach again. When else do you have the opportunity to step out the front door and be right on the beach?;) So we lived with 7 international students (Germans and Danes) in a house in Pacific Beach, approx. 300 m from the beach. The rent for a shared room was just under $ 700 a month.
Garnet Ave., which has many bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and clubs, is also just around the corner.
JThe location was perfect

To get around San Diego, renting a car is almost essential. It makes sense to share this with one or more people. Most students rent their cars from “dirt cheap cars”, which is also highly recommended, since renting there is no problem for students under 25 either. If you are over 25 years of age, you can also rent a car from American car rental companies at the airport for occasional visits from Germany via a German website. Fortunately, renting a car is quite cheap there.
San Diego is very spacious and from Pacific Beach it takes less than 20 minutes by car to the university. But that’s not a problem either.

Since I had to take the general courses due to my studies and could not choose any courses in advance, I had to “crash” the courses on site. This means that in the first week in the respective courses that you want to take, you go to the professors or lecturers and ask them to be allowed to participate in the course. Occasionally they ask whether you meet the relevant basic requirements to take this course (I would recommend taking a transcript from the German university with you). For me, the “crashing” of the courses went very well and easily and I was able to take all the courses I wanted.
The university is huge, but very beautiful. There are a lot of sports and a large gym, which is used a lot by the students, a large library and many work rooms and a large aquaplex with nice opportunities to relax in the water for hot days.
Otherwise, in contrast to Germany, the university has a lot to do. With lots of tests during the semester, group workers, projects, presentations, assignments, midterms and finals, there was always something to do. This system is actually very good, as the final grade is not only based on an exam, but on many different smaller parts. The level was reasonable, but not too difficult and it is actually quite easy for international students to get good grades.
Since I took the General Courses, I was mostly the only international student in my courses. I particularly liked that. The American students and my lecturers were all very nice to me, integrated me very well or helped me with problems.

In addition to university, there was still a lot of free time to enjoy San Diego. The weather is nice most of the time and if you like sport it is a must to try your hand at surfing on one of the beautiful beaches. Otherwise, there are plenty of opportunities to go out and party cheaply during the week, especially in PB and MB. Many international students always meet here. There is also a party bus that shuttles between SDSU, PB and Downtown and brings all the students to the spot with a fun ride. The clubs and bars in San Diego close at 1:30 am, at the latest by 2 am, which as a German had to get used to.
There are many ways to spend your free time. Whether hiking, spending the day downtown or on Coronado Island or simply relaxing and watching on one of the beautiful beaches – there is something for everyone

After the semester I traveled through the USA for a few more weeks, experienced and seen a lot and can only recommend this to everyone.
The six months in the USA and the semester in San Diego were a great time, I got to know a lot of great people and American life and I would do it again anytime. Enjoys it!!

I could go on for a long time… if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

San Diego State University Review (3)