San Diego State University Review (26)

San Diego State University Review (26)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: geography

Study type: semester abroad

I found out about MicroEdu (CC) and San Diego State University (SDSU) through a friend. After contacting MicroEdu by e-mail, I immediately received all the application documents and filled them out. The application process is simple and very well designed because there are instructions to fill in and the consultants can be reached very easily by phone and email and will get back to you immediately. After sending my application to MicroEdu, I received my acceptance for the semester program at SDSU – General Courses – and received all further information and a very helpful checklist of which steps to take and when. I worked through this list so that the visa arrived before departure, the accommodation on campus was paid for.

I decided to stay on campus because that’s where American college life takes place and I was hoping to meet a lot of international people. Life on campus has a lot to offer: the Aztec Recreation Center offers numerous sports facilities that are already included in the tuition fees, the Aquaplex is a swimming pool that you can also use at any time free of charge. I lived on Fraternity Row and through that I met many American Fraternity members who told me about their culture and invited me to a few parties. However, don’t decide to live on Fraternity Row if you have trouble sleeping to loud music, because the Fraternities party time 24/7. I was there with a French woman. Visit to get information about CSUF study abroad program.

Since I am at the Masters level, I chose three courses at SDSU with course numbers greater than 500. If you are a little diligent and have done all your homework and studied for 1 to 2 days before the exam, the top grade A was easy to achieve. I took courses in Environmental Conservation Practice, Methods and Applications of GIS and Quantitative Methods of Geographic Research. I had all of these courses exclusively with Americans, so fortunately I was able to learn a lot about the American world view and the American perspective on issues such as environmental protection and climate change. The groups were so small that every professor knew my name and intensive supervision was guaranteed. In the statistics course, there were only 3 participants including me, so the support was very personal.

Life in San Diego is awesome. There is nothing that cannot be done here. This city has everything young people are looking for in a semester abroad: sun (every day, it hardly ever rains), beach (Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, etc.), bars, clubs, party buses and some museums worth seeing ( USS Midway, Natural History Museum, Balboa Park overall). I’ve eaten great food (yes, it’s not just burgers), especially Mexican, but basically you can get just about anything that’s eaten anywhere in the world, such as Japanese, Thai, Persian, Italian, Spanish and also German. The possibilities for leisure activities are limitless and range from surfing and kayaking to skydiving and laser tag. San Diego is a great city and I highly recommend coming here. In San Diego the mentality is very relaxed, the people are friendly and you never stay alone for long.

There are two more things to be aware of before coming here. First, it will be more expensive than you think. Before I even flew to San Diego, I was paying around $10,000 in fees and rent for the semester. You can afford more on site than at home “because you are already here”. I share this experience with all my friends here, because you just go to parties and eat in restaurants very often, just spend a weekend in Los Angeles or Las Vegas and buy great clothes every now and then. I received foreign student loans and you have to know that you only get the enrollment certificate from the SDSU filled out and sent to Hamburg about two months after the start of the semester and that the money only arrives in the third month of study. You have to be able to pre-finance the thing for that long. Second, you need a car. I thought at first that since I live at college I wouldn’t need one. But then I immediately rented a car for the entire study period in the first week, because it’s very difficult to go shopping alone without a car. I recommend renting a car from Dirt Cheap Car Rental, who charge around $350 a month for long-term rentals. The fuel prices are very cheap and you simply need the car. charging around $350 per month for long-term rentals. The fuel prices are very cheap and you simply need the car. charging around $350 per month for long-term rentals. The fuel prices are very cheap and you simply need the car.

All in all, except for the cost factor, the semester was awesome and the best and most exciting time of my life and I would choose San Diego, SDSU and MicroEdu again and again.

San Diego State University Review (26)