San Diego State University Review (20)

San Diego State University Review (20)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

In my studies at the European University of Applied Sciences, I plan to spend a semester abroad during my studies. It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to study in America in California. From four possible universities in California, I finally decided to go to San Diego State University for the spring semester. Visit to get information about University of California San Diego study abroad program.

The decision turned out to be absolutely correct. But let’s start at the very beginning with the application phase. MicroEdu made it possible for the application process to go smoothly. Not only was the application itself checked and sent by MicroEdu, but crucial information regarding the housing situation, finances and experience was also provided. I received my acceptance for San Diego State two weeks after I sent out my application at the end of July 2014. I will not describe all other organizational matters such as visa and insurance now, as all the necessary information (when and what?) is provided by MicroEdube handed over. Incidentally, book flights as soon as you have received confirmation so that they do not have an even more negative effect on your finances than they already have.

Between September and November I then tried to find accommodation. In general, it is advisable not to live on campus itself, as this does not correspond to the price-performance ratio that can be obtained elsewhere in a student residence. A tip: I didn’t live with Germans to really be forced to speak English in everyday life and also to meet new people. I can only recommend that.

Further matters have to be taken care of by the beginning of December. For example, the study costs are then transferred and the first two special sessions for business students and one special session for general students – depending on which subject you have chosen – are chosen. A Special Session is a course that is only offered to international students and therefore only consists of international students. My experience is that these courses are very crowded with Germans. After all documents had to be sent by December, you can look forward to your semester abroad with peace of mind.

Arrived in San Diego you will have information days relatively early, where attendance is also very welcome. You will also receive a student ID card, which you must show at every opportunity. It is advisable not to misplace it. On site in San Diego you will be supported by the ALI (American Language Institute). The information days are organized by ALI and your personal questions are answered afterwards in their office. In general, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact any passers-by. Americans are extremely helpful and very friendly.

Now let’s get to the study in San Diego itself. In the first few days you have to “crash” your missing courses. This means that in the first few days you drop by courses you want to take and after the lesson ask the lecturer if he has a free place for you. This can sometimes lead to a certain amount of effort, depending on which courses you have to crash. In general, I give you the tip to always be up-to-date. As soon as you don’t deal with something, you could have problems afterwards. The same applies to learning for the courses themselves.

In San Diego, the teaching is much more school-based than in German universities. It can happen that even working during the lessons has an impact on your grade. However, since you write so-called midterms in most courses in the middle of the semester, it is extremely advisable to work through the university material throughout. Midterms are exams that can account for up to 50% of the final grade. Take this seriously. They are not only relevant for the grade, a good performance in these also means that your learning effort for the finals – the final exams – is less. I would rate the effort during the semester as higher compared to German universities, whereas the learning for the finals is less.

But a semester abroad is of course not only there to educate yourself, but also to develop personally. Use the time you have to get to know different people from different countries. Above all, don’t worry about anyone judging your English skills. As you will be in contact with many other international students, some of them may not be fluent in English themselves. Of course you should be aware that parties will also be part of your semester abroad and this is the ideal situation to meet new people. In addition to partying, San Diego also has a lot to offer. Both by car and by public transport, you can easily reach the beautiful parts of the city. It’s also fairly easy to visit Las Vegas for a weekend, for example, or see the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles.

A basic recommendation on my part is that you should take what you can with you. Be open to everyone and don’t just limit yourself to meetings with German students. I can absolutely recommend the semester in San Diego, I really enjoyed my time there. At best, the rather expensive tuition fees and the high cost of living are to be seen as negative.

San Diego State University Review (20)