San Diego State University Review (19)

San Diego State University Review (19)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: Business Psychology

Study type: semester abroad

I went to San Diego State University for five months and took three business courses and one psychology course. Before you start your semester abroad, you have to choose your courses. Basically, a distinction is made between general and business courses. I’m studying business psychology in Germany, which is why the business courses came into question for me. On site, I was then able to choose further courses from the SDSU’s general course program. Visit to get information about University of California Riverside study abroad program.

In the bachelor’s degree, you have to choose courses worth twelve credit points, which usually corresponds to four courses, and in the master’s degree, three courses, which correspond to nine credit points. I have taken the following courses: Abnormal Psychology, Human Resource Management, Organizational and Business Behavior, and Leadership and Management.


The courses in the United States are lower in level than in Germany, but a lot more complex than in Germany. There is a lot to do during the semester. The system is very reminiscent of the old days when you still went to school. You have to do a lot of homework at home after university. You have to write essays and give presentations and you write one or two exams in between before you write the final exam. However, the requirements are not extremely high and you quickly get good grades. There is also compulsory attendance and “in-class activities”, since not only exams but also oral grades and homework count towards the final grades.


When you study at SDSU, you have a lot of free time. My friends and I only had uni twice a week, so depending on how you choose your own classes you either have a lot of free time or a little less. During the semester you can travel a lot through California and make short trips. Certain party organizers also give you cheap opportunities to celebrate really well. Fun-wise, SDSU in San Diego is the place to be. Boredom will certainly not come up here.

campus life

The SDSU itself has a very nice campus with a gym and pool area . So after the lectures you could train, relax and lie down in the sun straight away. Gym membership is free for international students and is definitely worthwhile for your time at SDSU. The university itself organizes many great events after the lectures or on the weekends. There’s always something going on at the SDSU. You can also go to home games like basketball or American football for free. The games are always well attended and the atmosphere is unique.

housing and food

There are a few options for housing in San Diego. Whether on campus, in a dorm or on the beach. I myself lived in a dorm near the university. It took me about 25 minutes to walk to the university because the campus is huge and it’s easy to get lost. I shared an apartment with three other American students who were my age. We only shared the kitchen and living room there. Otherwise everyone had their own room with a bathroom.

The SDSU has several food corners where you can get something to eat and relax during breaks or free time. Around the SDSU there are also other stores and fast food restaurants where you can eat.


What you should note is that public transport is very difficult to use as it hardly gets you anywhere and it is also very dirty. With the Uber driving service, you can always get there at any time. Hardly anyone drives a cab in San Diego. Renting or buying your own car with a group of people is best and cheapest to be independent and save money as you don’t need to rent a car for the road trips as this is if you are under 25 is a bit expensive.


In order to do a semester abroad in the USA, you have to put a lot of money aside, since the tuition fees are a lot higher here (compared to Germany) and so is the cost of living. The money for groceries, rent and car as well as leisure activities and other expenses should be calculated generously before the semester abroad in order to be able to get an idea of ​​the necessary financial means in advance.


The semester abroad cost me a lot, but every cent I invested in my semester abroad was worth it. The time in San Diego was the best time of my life and I advise everyone who is offered this opportunity to take this unique opportunity and do a semester abroad. You make new friends very quickly and enjoy life to the full for half a year together. Deciding to go to San Diego was the best decision of my life and I encourage everyone to take the plunge!

San Diego State University Review (19)