San Diego State University Review (15)

San Diego State University Review (15)

North America

University: San Diego State University

City: San Diego

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: mechanical engineering

Study type: semester abroad

In the beginning, like pretty much every other international student, I had some starting problems. The housing situation in San Diego is very tight and finding decent housing has proven to be quite difficult. But it worked out in time for the start of university, even if it was a bit more expensive than I initially thought. The fact that I lived in a nice house in college area with 5 American students fully justifies the higher price. Visit to get information about Solent University.

The university campus is incredibly beautiful and very well maintained. Everything is there: bookstore, food court, library, fitness center and and and…. I think it almost looks like a Mexican holiday village. What didn’t please me so much was the fact that there were hardly any books to borrow in the library. So you had to buy the expensive books yourself…
I mainly attended sports and mechanical engineering courses. As for the Mechanical Engineering Department, it has to be said that it is much smaller and has much less research equipment than my home university. The professors were very, very nice and the lectures were very academically designed, which I found extremely pleasant. The material was taught to us with a lot of commitment, unfortunately homework was not uncommon. However, this had the advantage that you were automatically prepared for exams and the learning effort was kept within limits.
The sports courses were of course awesome. For example, you could participate in the surf course as often and whenever you wanted.

Of course, the nightlife in San Diego also has a lot to offer. Personally, I liked private parties in College Area and bars in Pacific Beach best. It was also the cheapest option, because downtown you have to reckon with $ 20-30 admission if you are not on the guest list.

All in all, I had a great time in San Diego, gained a lot of important experience and met nice people.

Have fun in San Diego!

San Diego State University Review (15)