Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson and LG React Positively to Purchase Motorola by Part of Google

We do not know as Apple or Nokia, have taken for example, pump this announcement tomorrow about Google, We refer to the acquisition of Motorola Mobility by 12,500 million dollars, but, luckily, we know that the reactions of other companies in the sector directly involved in Android.

HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG, collaborators of Google, and responsible for, in part, the growth of Android, have made public their views on this important news quickly.

You translate to Spanish the statements It launched each of those responsible for Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC and LG over the topic of the day:

We welcome the news today, which demonstrates the deep commitment of Google to defend Android, its employees and the ecosystem.

They were the words of J.K. Shin, the President of the communications division of Samsung Mobile.

I’m glad Google commitment to defend Android and his collaborators.

Said President and CEO of Sony Ericsson, Bert Nordberg.

We welcome news of today about the acquisition, which demonstrates the deep commitment of Google to defend Android, its partners, and the entire ecosystem.

It declared the Peter Chou, HTC CEO.

We welcome commitment to Google for standing up to Android and its partners.

It was what he said Jong-Seok Park, the President and CEO of LG.

In short, we can see good wishes in the mouth of all the managers of the companies closest to Android, which have not hesitated to congratulate Google on the move today.

Part is any personal appreciation that we can do about how “similar” which are four releases, rather than they are clones. Indeed, by way of “ off-topic ”, I commented that I have translated the “We welcome” initial each statement as “Glad” (clarified it if the flies).

The future is unclear of the companies that currently support Android

We focus on the own news, we don’t know what will happen from now on with these so-called collaborations “secret” between Google and Samsung, or LG and Google for possible new Nexus Terminal and tablets with Android Ice Cream, but we imagine that all this will substantially change with an in house manufacturing company.

On the other hand, Microsoft with its Windows Phone 7, and HP (Palm), I wanted to start licensing their webOS to other companies, could be starting to rub hands together It clandestinely, thinking of the heap of resentful girlfriends You can start to grab with such news. Namely.

We still have a few hectic months by front in which they see in that there are all these good wishes, these shopping ads, and occurring with those releases as expected (iOS 5 vs Android Ice Cream Sandwich).