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Western province

Water sports and boating are popular on the north shore of Lake Kiwu. Further south, Kibuye is another seaside resort. On the south shore of the lake, near Cyangugu, there are caves to explore at Kaboza and Nyenji, and mineral springs at Nyakabuye attract visitors. The nearby Rugege Forest is home to rare animal and plant species.

Southern province

East of Cyangugu is Butare, the country’s cultural capital. Various museums and the botanical garden are worth visiting. The city of Kabgayi has a beautiful cathedral and at Mushubati you can explore the caves of Bihongori. The tourist office in Kigali provides further information.

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The capital, Kigali, is a bustling business and administrative center with an excellent range of restaurants, offering visitors the pleasure of both African, international and fusion cuisine. Must- see attractions include the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

Eastern province

In the east of the country, Kibungo is surrounded by lakes and waterfalls, including Lake Mungesera and Rusumo Falls. This region forms the southern tip of the 2500 sq km Kagera National Park, which lies west of the Kagera River on the border with Tanzania. The park is home to numerous animal species. 100 km north, on the edge of the park near Gabiro, there is accommodation that is best booked in advance. In the rainy season (December, March and April) many roads are impassable.

Mountain Gorillas in Volcano National Park

West of Kagera is Volcano National Park, one of the last habitats of the mountain gorillas. The ORTPN tourist office in Kigali offers guided tours of the park for small groups; Advance booking is recommended. This volcanic chain with two active volcanoes on the Zaïrian side impresses with its breathtaking landscape. The administration office in Kinigi gives advice and information for excursions. Good guides and the weather report are available here. Gisenyi is the ideal starting point for excursions into the park.



Baskets with pointed lids, ceramics, woodcarvings, talismans, knives, called pangas or umuhoro, whose blades are shaped like question marks. Anyone who is offered gorilla hands or skulls should not hesitate to report the dealer to the police immediately.



Apart from the many small bars and a few discos, the evening entertainment is not very diverse. There are a few cinemas in Kigali.



Hotel restaurants usually have a reasonable selection of European dishes on the menu. Numerous restaurants offer Franco-Belgian and some African dishes. Drinks: The selection of spirits, wine and beer is good.



Are expensive, most can be found in Kigali. There are small, inexpensive hotels near areas of tourist interest. Mission dormitories are especially recommended in small towns and more remote regions. The hotels of the Ruhengeri and Gisenyi Missions offer excellent accommodation and good food.


Camping is prohibited.



Christian (83%), Muslim (5%) and others.

Social Rules of Conduct

The traditional lifestyle is based on agriculture and cattle breeding. The population lives in the fertile parts of the country, but each family lives on their own land and not in villages. The majority of Rwandans belong to the Hutu ethnic group, around 15% of the population belong to the Tutsi. The smallest minority are the Twa, a mixed pygmy people, possibly the oldest inhabitants of the country, who are still potters and hunters today. The usual forms of politeness also apply here. Tipping: 10% is usual.


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Despite the proximity to the equator, the climate is rather cool due to the altitude. It is warm in most parts of the country, but cooler in the mountains. Rainy seasons: mid-January to April and mid-October to mid-December.

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12.3 million (Source: homosociety)

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Rwanda flag vs map