Reasons to Study in the UK

Reasons to Study in the UK


British tradition and modern multi-cultural state: the United Kingdom is a state of contrasts. Anyone studying on the British Isles will experience the multicultural diversity as well as the British peculiarities of the country up close. It is particularly noticeable in cosmopolitan cities such as London, Brighton, Manchester and Glasgow. But that is by no means the only reason to study abroad in the UK. To learn more about United Kingdom and Europe, please visit loverists.

1. First class study system

UK higher education is unrivaled in its long history of high quality standards. While a lack of flexibility and innovation has been criticized at universities in Germany for decades, the two-tier British study system is internationally recognized for its efficiency. All UK universities must meet the standards set by the UK government. The independent Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is tasked with maintaining quality standards.

2. Learn perfect English in the UK

Studying in the UK helps develop excellent language skills. The English language is of crucial importance in almost all specialist areas – from business small talk to specialist discussions in clinical psychology. So where better to acquire the English language skills than in the motherland of the world language. Most UK universities support international students with language courses that can be attended alongside their studies.

3. Study faster in the UK

Courses in undergraduate and postgraduate area in the UK are shorter than in other countries. The efficient study system means that most undergraduate programs can be completed in a maximum of three years (typically four years in Scotland). A master’s degree in the UK lasts only one year as a rule. This also reduces the cost of tuition and living expenses.

4. Study in the UK for less

In addition, German students can apply for a variety of funding opportunities from the state to study in Great Britain. First of all, for a full course or a semester abroad, the entitlement to BAföG abroad should be checked, even if there is no entitlement to BAföG in Germany. In order to cover the costs of studying abroad, there is also the possibility of applying for scholarships from the DAAD or Erasmus. All students from the EU can also apply for financial help from the German state in the form of educational loans, as well as from the British government in the form ofApply for student loans.

5. Five applications in one go

Submit just one application and apply to up to five universities at the same time? This is done via the central British online application system UCAS. This saves students a lot of work when applying. On the UCAS database they can centrally from the more than 48,000 study programs of all state universities and colleges choose.

6. Best support

What is the name of the country where there are almost as many international students as there are in the USA? The answer is: Great Britain. In the UK, around 100,000 international students study in an undergraduate program each year. If you go to the island for a semester or study abroad, you will meet students from all over the world. The United Kingdom has a centuries-old history of excellent mentoring and academic education for international students. From the first day of your studies onwards, the international contact persons are at your side with advice and action.

7. Change of subject is possible after completing the Bachelor’s degree

If you still lack business administration skills for the dream job after completing your bachelor’s degree, you can apply for a bachelor’s degree in a different subject in Great Britain. In the British study system, the Bachelor and Master systems are not strictly consecutive. For this reason, it is also possible to start a Master of Arts degree after a Bachelor of Arts degree and vice versa. In the field of economics in particular, there are a number of master’s programs that are suitable for students within the conversion courses.

8. Wide range of courses

In no other European country are students offered as many specialized study programs as in the UK. The differentiated study program also includes many courses with a strong practical focus. The study programs often offer interdisciplinary academic training that is perfectly tailored to the respective occupational profiles.

Reasons to Study in the UK