Private Two-Year Colleges in Alaska


Alaska is known for its vast wilderness and unique cultural heritage. Although it does not have a large number of private two-year colleges, the state offers some specialized educational institutions that provide unique learning opportunities in various fields.

Alaska Christian College


Alaska Christian College (ACC), located in Soldotna, Alaska, is a private, Christian two-year college dedicated to providing higher education within a Christian framework. The college focuses on serving Alaska Native students and offers a supportive and nurturing environment that integrates faith and learning.


Founded in 2001, ACC was established to provide a Christian post-secondary education that supports the spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth of students, particularly those from Alaska Native communities. The college has grown steadily since its inception, expanding its academic programs and support services.

Academic Offerings

ACC offers associate degree programs in various fields, including Christian ministry, behavioral health, and general studies. The college’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for further education or entry-level careers, with an emphasis on developing leadership skills and a strong Christian faith.

Student Life

Student life at ACC is vibrant and community-oriented. The college offers a variety of student activities, including spiritual retreats, cultural events, and recreational activities. Students are encouraged to participate in chapel services, small group Bible studies, and community service projects, fostering a sense of community and spiritual growth.

Unique Features

ACC is distinguished by its focus on serving Alaska Native students and integrating Christian faith into its educational programs. The college offers unique support services, such as the Student Success Center, which provides academic advising, tutoring, and personal counseling. ACC also has a strong emphasis on cultural preservation and offers programs that celebrate and support Alaska Native heritage.


Admissions to ACC require applicants to submit high school transcripts or GED scores, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation. The college uses a holistic review process, considering academic achievements, personal character, and commitment to Christian values. Financial aid and scholarships are available to help support students in need.


ACC has a growing alumni network, with graduates making significant contributions in various fields, including ministry, social services, and community leadership. Alumni often stay connected with the college, participating in events and supporting current students through mentoring and networking opportunities.

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