Langkawi Islands, Malaysia

Penang and Langkawi Islands, Malaysia


Penang island

Near the northwestern coast of the Malay Peninsula, about 112 kilometers south of Langkawi, is the picturesque island of Penang. Penang was discovered in 1786 by the British and quickly turned into a trading city, where East and West, the blood and traditions of different peoples bizarrely mixed. Lebuh Farquhar is home to the Penang Museum and Art Gallery. The entrance to the museum is decorated with a monument to Captain Francis Light, the first governor of Penang.
The symbol of Penang can be called the Penang Bridge, which stretches for 13.5 km and connects the mainland and island parts of the state, it is officially recognized as the third longest bridge in the world.

The capital of Penang is Georgetown, a city whose architecture combines styles that sometimes contrast with each other, such as colonial English and East Asian, and ancient temples and old mansions get along with ultra-modern hotels. The capital of the island, Georgetown, is home to 400,000 people, almost the entire local population is Chinese.
Most hotels in Penang are located along Feringhi Ferringhi Street, where there are many restaurants, shops, various shops, markets, night markets. In the capital of the island, bars and discos are open at night.

In Penang, you should definitely visit the Kek Lok Si temple . This is one of the largest temples in Southeast Asia. This temple is also distinguished by the fact that it was built under the influence of three national styles of architecture: Chinese, Thai and Burmese.
You can get from Kuala Lumpur (30 min flight), Singapore (1.5 hour flight), speed boats run between Penang and Langkawi (2.5 hours on the way).

Langkawi island

Langkawi is the main island of an archipelago of islets located off the northwest coast of Malaysia, famous for its natural beauty, mild sunny climate and many legends. The island has untouched landscapes of pristine wildlife, mysterious caves with stalactites and stalagmites, mangroves. Eagles with brick-colored wings live on the island. The eagle is considered the official symbol of Langkawi, and the monument to the bird is the first thing that tourists see when they arrive on the island. The most beautiful beaches are located in the north of the island, where the age-old jungle grows, the best hotels of the island are also located there.

The capital of the island – Kuah is located in the southeastern part of the island, does not give the impression of an industrial center, although there are also huge business centers and duty-free shops. Nightlife on the island is limited, as a rule, to the night program in hotels. But for those who like to observe the life of flora and fauna, there are more than enough opportunities here.

You can get from Kuala Lumpur (55 min flight) from Singapore (2 hour flight)

Interesting and informative:

The natural miracle “Telaga Tujuh” (Seven wells) is a waterfall, divided by nature into seven streams, forming seven lakes. According to legend, these lakes and the tropical jungle around them are a favorite bathing place for fairy fairies.

Cruise through the mangroves, where at low tide you can see the winding roots of trees, feed the eagles from the boat, visit the fish farm, stingrays – which you can feed there.

Cave “Gua Cherita”, about which many stories and legends are composed. A short trip by sea on a boat, and you will find yourself in a fabulous underground world, in a world of mysterious and enchanting stalactites and stalagmites. The walls of the cave are covered with mysterious ancient writings, over which scientists’ minds are still puzzled.

Oceanarium “Underwater World” and “Crocodile Farm”. In Pantai Chenang, on the island of Langkawi, the “Underwater World” contains more than five thousand species of freshwater and marine fish, as well as exotic seaweed and intricate shells, as well as penguins brought from South Africa. On the vast territory of the “Crocodile Farm” you can meet more than a thousand different types of crocodiles living in natural conditions, and watch special shows with the participation of crocodiles.

The highest point of the island is the mountain “ Gungung Mat Cincang ”, where they offer to climb on a modern funicular. From the windows of a comfortable cabin overlooking the ocean, the jungle and two beautiful waterfalls. The observation deck offers a beautiful view of the numerous islands of the Langkawi archipelago in the form of green hills

Pulau Dayang Bunting or “Island of the Pregnant Maiden”, as the locals call it because of the outline of the island. According to legend, the water in the lake “Pregnant Maiden” has miraculous properties and cures infertility.

The coastal waters of the island abound with fish, you can combine an island cruise with fishing.

Langkawi Islands, Malaysia