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How is Oklahoma State University abbreviated? It is commonly known as OSU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of OSU. Just click the image to see all definitions of OSU.

Oklahoma State Univ. – Alumni Assoc.

Find local chapters, membership details and descriptions of services, such as the alumni insurance program.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/alumni/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Alumni Assoc., Austin Area

Local chapter offers a guestbook, a list of upcoming events and Cowboy information.

Website: http://www.rdmorris.com/osu/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Alumni Assoc., Central Oklahoma

Provides a calendar of events, describes how alumni can become involved and defines the group’s mission.

Website: http://www.osualumni.org/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Alumni Assoc., Dallas

Find out about upcoming events, join the club and link to alumni homepages.

Website: http://www2.okstate.edu/dallas/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Alumni Assoc., Tulsa County

List of officers includes contact information. Find a calendar and Cowboy basketball schedules.

Website: http://www.tulsaosualum.org/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Alumni, Kiowa/Greer County

Kiowa-Greer County chapter offers an email distribution list, contact details and the Cowboys’ athletic schedules.

Website: http://www2.edumaster.net/tntmold/osuhob.htm

Oklahoma State Univ. – Applied Health & Ed. Psychology

Graduate program presents its admissions requirements, lists its faculty members and offers financial-aid information.

Website: http://www.osu-ours.okstate.edu/gradcoll/programs/aphealth.h

Oklahoma State Univ. – Civil and Environ. Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department offers a geotechnical emphasis. Confirm courses, review requirements and find faculty.

Website: http://life.civen.okstate.edu/academics/Non_Flash_Geotechnic

Oklahoma State Univ. – College of Education

Posts the schools and departments of the college of education. Provides biographies of faculty and staff, and posts student resources.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/education/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Department of Political Science

Find out about the grad and undergrad degrees. Includes faculty and class descriptions, and a FAQ.

Website: http://polsci.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Dept. of Landscape Architecture

School offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in horticulture and landscape architecture. Find course details, faculty info and links.

Website: http://www.hortla.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Dept. of Speech Communication

Students interested in rhetoric can acquire undergraduate or graduate degrees in speech communication. Includes course details.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/artsci/SpeechComm/newhugh.html

Oklahoma State Univ. – Experimental Graduate Program

Get an overview of the experimental-psychology PhD program, see faculty profiles or download an application.

Website: http://www.cas.okstate.edu/psych/pages/experiment.html

Oklahoma State Univ. – Industrial Eng. & Management

Industrial Engineering and Management department in Stillwater offers program and course descriptions, a staff list and manuals.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/ind-engr/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Journalism and Broadcasting

Journalism and Broadcasting School offers undergraduate course work and a master’s degree in mass communication. Includes application procedures.

Website: http://www2.okstate.edu/sjb/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy program outlines its admission and degree requirements, curriculum, faculty, and training facilities.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/hes/frcd/graduate/mftinfo.html

Oklahoma State Univ. – Plant & Soil Sciences Department

Department describes its curriculum, scholarships, services and faculty. Learn about soil production and management.

Website: http://clay.agr.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State Univ. – School of Chemical Engineering

Summarizes its BS, MS and PhD programs in chemical engineering, and provides financial aid information. Read faculty profiles and apply.

Website: http://www.cheng.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State Univ. – Telecommunications Management

Master’s program details its area of study, and posts its curriculum and admissions and degree requirements.

Website: http://www.mstm.okstate.edu/webpage/

Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater – Dept. of Agr. Ed.

Describes programs in agricultural education, communications and youth development. Link to publications and the 4-H program.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/OSU_Ag/agedcm4h/

Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater – Hospitality Admin

Fact sheet for programs in hospitality administration. Find details about the curriculum, faculty, admissions policies and financial aid.

Website: http://www.osu-ours.okstate.edu/gradcoll/programs/hospitalit

Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater – Mech./Aerospace Eng.

Describes degrees offered in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Connect to student groups, technical societies and research projects.

Website: http://www.mae.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University

Homepage for this state university links to the Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Okmulgee campuses, and to the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Website: http://pio.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University – Admissions

Furnishes admissions information, athletic highlights and academic details. Includes a calendar of events and a class schedule.

Website: http://osu.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University – Agricultural Sciences

Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources describes its departments and research stations.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/OSU_Ag/

Oklahoma State University – Biosystems Engineering

Find news, student pages, biosystems engineering trivia, and departmental pages. Research graduate and undergraduate programs.

Website: http://bioen.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University – Clinical Psychology

Offers PhDs in general-clinical, clinical-child and health psychology. Download an application, or fill out an information-request form.

Website: http://www.cas.okstate.edu/psych/pages/clinical.html

Oklahoma State University – College of Business Admin

Features graduate degrees in accounting, economics, finance, marketing and management. Meet the staff.

Website: http://www.bus.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University – Construction Mgt Technology

Review the program’s history and the course and faculty list. Also includes the department’s newsletter.

Website: http://techweb.ceat.okstate.edu/cmt/

Oklahoma State University – Department of Botany

Venture into the McPherson Botanical Reserve, learn about ordination, or look over lecture notes. Lists department research fields.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/artsci/botany/

Oklahoma State University – Department of Chemistry

Provides an overview of the graduate chemistry program. Includes course descriptions, degree requirements and profiles of faculty members.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/artsci/chemistry/graduate/

Oklahoma State University – Department of Geography

Offers a GIS certificate program. Explore courses, faculty contacts, department news and alumni contacts.

Website: http://www.geog.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University – Department of Public Safety

Read department news, crime alerts, parking info and drug and alcohol commentary. Posts surveys and crime prevention tips.

Website: http://www.osupd.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University – Department of Zoology

Get an introduction to the department, and learn about courses offered, faculty research interests, and student organizations.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/artsci/zoo_home/

Oklahoma State University – Dept. of Political Science

Design a graduate major with an economic development focus in the political science program. Lists requirements and courses offered.

Website: http://polsci.okstate.edu/graduate/

Oklahoma State University – Early Childhood Education

Browse program and course details for this undergraduate program. Provides application and contact details.

Website: http://www.okstate.edu/hes/frcd/ece.html

Oklahoma State University – Entomology Program

College of agricultural sciences and natural resources offers a major in entomology. Includes a list of the courses offered.

Website: http://www.dasnr.okstate.edu/casnr/majors/ento.html

Oklahoma State University – Library

Take a tour, or take instruction, link to a branch library or to the Friends of the OSU Library, or check out references and services.

Website: http://www.library.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University – Mathematics Department

Lists who’s who in the department, graduate study requirements, seminar schedules and related resource links.

Website: http://www.math.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University – Music Department

Offers degrees in music education, performance and business. Check out an events schedule or look into scholarships.

Website: http://music.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University – Plant Pathology

Find plant pathology factsheets from the cooperative extension service, and read about the degrees and courses offered.

Website: http://www.ento.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University – Sociology

Explore the undergraduate and graduate classes sponsored by the sociology program. Includes department news and research projects.

Website: http://sociology.okstate.edu/

Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City

Review the library resources, and read through news from the university. Links to a page on training and development.

Website: http://www.osuokc.edu/

Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City – Grants

Take a look at Oklahoma State University’s grant program available to students. Includes contact information.

Website: http://www.osuokc.edu/admissions/financial/grants.htm

Oklahoma State University, Okmulgee

Explore internships, bachelor-degree programs and admissions procedures apropos this institution. Includes a showcase of student work.

Website: http://www.osu-okmulgee.edu/

OSU-Oklahoma City – Employment

Browse a vacancy list for faculty, staff and administrative positions in Oklahoma State Univ. Select a position to read the job specifications.

Website: http://www.osuokc.edu/jobs/