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How is Ohio Wesleyan University abbreviated? It is commonly known as OWU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of OWU. Just click the image to see all definitions of OWU.

Ohio Wesleyan Univ. – Sociology/Anthropology Department

Joint university department describes courses and programs that cross these disciplines. With a schedule of lectures and a faculty directory.

Website: http://www.owu.edu/~social/

Ohio Wesleyan University

Delaware-based university posts news, the latest Bishops scores, and academic and departmental information.

Website: http://www.owu.edu/

Ohio Wesleyan University – Alumni

Describes continuing-education and volunteer opportunities available to alumni. Learn how to become a class agent.

Website: http://alumni.owu.edu/

Ohio Wesleyan University – Botany & Microbiology Dept.

Learn about course requirements and concentration options for majors, and read department news.

Website: http://cc.owu.edu/~zoolweb/bmhom.htm

Ohio Wesleyan University – Department of English

Ohio Wesleyan University’s English Department supplies information about available graduate and undergraduate programs and course.

Website: http://www.owu.edu/~englweb/

Ohio Wesleyan University – Employment

Online career finder features a list of job openings in the university. Read the job description and application information.

Website: http://web.owu.edu/jobs/

Ohio Wesleyan University – French

Discover who graduated recently and read about the faculty members who helped them. Degree requirements and courses are outlined.

Website: http://cc.owu.edu/~mfldweb/french.htm

Ohio Wesleyan University – German

Find course descriptions for this language program, and faculty and student lists. Includes links to related resources.

Website: http://cc.owu.edu/~mfldweb/german.htm

Ohio Wesleyan University – International Studies

Interdisciplinary major of international studies explores how countries interact. Features program information and links.

Website: http://cc.owu.edu/~intsweb/

Ohio Wesleyan University – Scholarships

Provides a list of scholarships and a description of each. Includes contact information.

Website: http://cc.owu.edu/~admit/financialaid.htm#Which%20aid%20prog

Ohio Wesleyan University – Women’s Studies

Department details its courses and requirements for a major or minor. Learn about possible careers for degree holders.

Website: http://www.owu.edu/~womstds/

Ohio Wesleyan University – Zoology Department

Meet the professors at the department, and explore the options of preprofessional and cross-disciplinary studies.

Website: http://cc.owu.edu/~zoolweb/zoohom.htm

Transcript Online, The – Wesleyan University

Weekly student paper produced by this Ohio college offers news and sports items, a humor page, and interactive features.

Website: http://cc.owu.edu/~owutrans/