Nothing of IAd: Apple Has Found a Perfect Advertising Channel with Siri

Since shortly after his birth, Siri has always wanted to go a little further to fall well before the user. Responsible for its maintenance engineers have nourished the wizard of artful answers to unusual questions, as for example ordered of marriage or irrational mathematical operations (divide zero between zero).

And hence, Apple had the idea of feeding the hype of their keynotes using Siri. It happened with the launch of the Apple Watch, became the keynote of the iPad Pro… the company encourages its users to use the wizard. That is what precisely needs. The new step has been to promote something external: the latest film by LEGO.

Advertising which you only see if you like it see

I have not seen the film, but apparently there is a computer at the home of Bruce Wayne / Batman. If Siri call using the same phrase with which the protagonist invokes his assistant, Siri imitates the computer from the film. Is it advertising? Yes. Do you have it to eat like it or not? Not at all. It is a very smart move.

Siri to promote such things only if you ask purpose means that you advertise something, but only if you want it to advertise you. Therefore this publicity they will consume precisely the Group of persons concerned, rather than spin well can result in very original marketing campaigns for the future. And Furthermore, you motivate that commands most used for voice.

It’s ironic: Apple has spent six years trying to fit their platform iAd in the market, but complicated it the hegemony of Google in the sector too. But now these experiments of Siri may have something.

You have hazards using Siri as a advertising tool?

Now well, We all know how often the user to respond to ads. Although Apple has found a way to hide them all those who do not want them, will desire to use a wizard that we know that it will be used to place advertising have a?

At the moment is still very early to wander about this. But seeing the feedback that are now with Siri, I think that Apple has more work improving the understanding of the wizard. The advertising strategy that can start with this experiment with the Batman movie can be a good start to encourage its use… If done well.