Nosy Be, Madagascar

Nosy Be, Madagascar


The Nosy Be archipelago is located in the northeast of the country and consists of several islands of different sizes. The largest of them, Nosy Be Island, is the most developed from a tourist point of view. Without exaggeration, this is the most popular beach resort in the country and the most expensive destination in Madagascar. The cost of accommodation here can be twice as high as on the mainland. There are many hotels, nightclubs, shops, boutiques, ethnic markets on Nosy Be. And also – beautiful beaches and excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving.

Despite the fact that Nosy Be hotels do not look as magical and fashionable as the huge tourist complexes of Greece or the Caribbean, the water here is no less azure, the sun is bright, the cuisine is delicious, and there is even plenty of peace and quiet. Here you can go to the beach even with a book by Dontsova, even with a textbook on matan, being sure that the noise from jet skis and sweets sellers on the beach will not interfere.

The archipelago also includes: the islands of Nozi-Komba, Nozi-Tanikeli, Nozi-Sakatia, Nozi-Mitsio and Nozi-Iranya. Andoani (Hell-Vill, “Devil City”) – the capital of Nosy Bi, despite its name – a bright and cheerful town.

According to wholevehicles, Nosy Be is very similar to paradise: the air is filled with the aromas of yalang-yalang and vanilla, the lifestyle is slow and relaxed.

How to get to Nosy Be

The easiest way to get to the archipelago is from the port of Ankify on a small speedboat (30 minutes, 20,000 MGA). First departure at 7:30.

Those traveling with a car should use the services of the Fivondronana Ferry (tel.: 032 02 358 40), whose ferries depart daily from the town of Antsahampano, near Ambanja. On the road 2 hours, cost 15,000 MGA.

In addition, daily flights from Antananarivo are operated by Air Madagascar, costing 305,000 MGA.

Attractions and attractions in Nosy Be

In the capital, it is worth going to the center of oceanographic research, to the monument to Russian soldiers, or to bargain at the covered market.

The most interesting places: Silver Falls, the village of Dzamandzari, where rum has been produced since 1900, the ruins of Marodok. Also of interest is the Lokobe Nature Reserve, located on 740 hectares of Nosy Bee. Here you can meet a boa constrictor, black lemurs, a chameleon and Madagascar black-nosed snakes. Mont Passo is the highest mountain of the island (329 m above sea level), offering beautiful views of the surroundings. Near the mountain are the sacred lakes of Anayavibe, Amparihimirahavawi, Bemapaza, Antsahamanavaka, Antsidihi, Amparihibe and Mainthimaso.

Diving at Nosy Be

The best time for diving is from May to October. The water temperature ranges from +26…30 °С. Visibility is from 15 to 35-40 m. Here you can see all types of corals, barracuda, king fish, tazar, yellowfin tuna, sharks, including whales, rays, manta rays and whales.

Dive sites:

  • Gorgonians Bank is located at a depth of 20 m. Here you can meet giant gorgonians, crocodile fish and octopuses, sea turtles and leopard sharks.
  • Heloïse Bank – leopard sharks, schools of barracudas and kingfish, giant lobsters.
  • Unicorn Bank is located near the island of Nozi Sakatia, there is a wide variety of soft and hard corals, schools of surgeon fish.
  • 5m Bank – sheer cliffs, steeply descending to a depth of 40 m. From August to December, the abundance of plankton attracts manta rays and whale sharks here.

And also: Rosario Bank, Grand Bank Reef from the Mozambique Channel, Manta Point, Tanikely.

Nosy Be, Madagascar